Former NCSAC prez Shane Malcolm takes the helm at Leadership Niagara


Shane Malcom is the new executive director at Leadership Niagara.

NC grad and former NCSAC president Shane Malcolm has been announced as the new executive director of Leadership Niagara.

“Shane has demonstrated true passion for the role, as well as deep dedication, a humble approach, and an amazing skill set. The board is pleased to have him continue to create an excellent leadership program for our participants,” said Leadership Niagara  board chair Rachel Bayley in a news release October 19.

Malcolm was appointed in May as acting executive director. The selection was made after the formal hiring process concluded in October.

“I am really excited and energized by the organization, its mission and the tremendous work and effort by our program advisory committee who give their valuable time and expertise to ensure our program remains on the cutting edge as a community leadership program,” said Malcolm. “This organization has achieved a lot in its almost 10 years of existence and yet there is so much room for continued innovation to ensure we are around to inspire the next generation of emerging community builders.

“I look to the future with such enthusiasm and I am so grateful to be part of the Leadership Niagara story,” he added.

Malcolm came to Canada to as an international student from Jamaica in 2009 to take the Culinary Management (Co-op) Program at Niagara College. In 2011, he graduated with honours and began pursuing his BA in Hospitality Operations Management, which he completed with honours in 2014.

He led a robust and involved life during his postsecondary education in Niagara which led to numerous opportunities as a student leader that resulted in experiences within the local and provincial landscape. During his time at Niagara College he was student representative on the NC Board of Governors and member of the Foundation Board. He spent four years as a student leader with NCSAC , the last two years as president from 2014-16. Provincially, he was also a member of the Board of Directors for the College Student Alliance, a provincial advocacy group focused on advancing the concerns of the 110,000 students in colleges across Ontario from 2015-16.

As a Niagara resident, Malcolm is very passionate about making Niagara a stronger community and that has led to his activism in local transportation and youth engagement. He became a member of the NextNiagara Council in 2016 and will step into the role of vice chair in 2017.

Leadership Niagara is a community-owned initiative supported by Niagara’s most recognized organizations and businesses, all of which are dedicated to building stronger leaders within our community. Leadership Niagara’s innovative program brings together individuals who are recognized as emerging and aspiring leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors of our community.


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