The search is on for first NC Video Star Street Team


Niagara College and the Niagara College Student Administrative Council (NCSAC) are looking for a team of enthusiastic, dynamic and talented students to form the first ever NC Video Star Street Team!

Students on the team will be the faces of Niagara College – creating video content about important news, issues and events as they relate to campus life at NC. On top of being great experience, they will also be paid!, Each team member who contributes to a video will earn $50/video.

Students have two ways of applying to be a part of this Street Team:

1) Apply as an Individual – A students may submit his/her own video as an individual, explaining why  he or she would be a great fit for the NC Video Star Street Team. The final team may end up being a set of individuals that would work well together, or it may be a full team.

2) Apply as a Team – This brings us to option #2 – apply as a team. Students may submit a video as a team, explaining why the team has the chemistry to become the NC Video Star Street Team.

Please note that the application options are only guidelines, and the NCSAC and Niagara College still reserves the right to choose who will be the final members of the NC Video Star Street Team. This could be a full team, a group of individuals, or a full team and an individual(s).

Please refer to the Contest Judging section in the Rules at for a more detailed description of how each video will be judged.

In short – make it awesome, and convince us!

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