Meet three employees who put the ‘NC’ in excellence


College president Dan Patterson (second from left) stands with NC's 2016 Award of Excellence recipients (from left) Tina Racher, Vince Malvaso and Colin Robinson.

They support college goals and enrich college life.

They are outstanding when it comes to personal qualities, work performance and customer service.

On Niagara Day 2016,  Niagara College honoured three employees as its 2016 Award of Excellence recipients.

Three Awards of Excellence are granted to NC employees each year – one faculty, one support staff, and one administration.

Recipients receive a highly coveted designated parking spot on campus, and bragging rights to the highest honour a NC employee can achieve.

Faculty Award of Excellence: Colin Robinson

Colin Robinson had the toolkit for success as the recipient of the Faculty Award of Excellence. The professor/ program coordinator for the College’s Construction Techniques and Renovation Technician programs, has built a solid foundation as part of the College’s Construction program area for the past 11 years.

“I feel honoured to even be considered when you look at all the outstanding things being done by the other faculty here at Niagara,” said Robinson. “Everyone I work with tries every day to provide the best possible experience for our students.”

What he enjoys most about his role at NC is the opportunity to work with new students each year and equip them with the training or knowledge they can use to pursue a career. He has been involved with guiding students through the Many Hands Project which renovates a Niagara-based charitable organization each year, as well as the construction of a home for Habitat for Humanity Niagara.

“The numerous opportunities to work alongside our students while contributing to the construction of a home for a deserving family, or helping a local food bank or other agency to better serve their clients have all made for memorable moments,” he said.

Support Staff Award of Excellence: Tina Racher

How does Tina Racher get energized? Helping students and staff at Niagara College.

It’s all about customer service, said Racher, who works as information system business analyst and user support for Enrolment Services and is the latest recipient of the Support Staff Award of Excellence.

“Sometimes the customer service component is not about answering questions or providing support; sometimes it is about discovering a new and better way of doing things – perhaps making a process more efficient for staff, which provides them with more time to dedicate to students,” she said. “In the end, if we have more time to dedicate to the students we will have a more engaged (and hopefully more successful) student body.”

Since she began working at the College in 1998, Racher has held positions an admissions and financial aid clerk, admissions and administrative assistant, Version 8 PeopleSoft project team member, and PeopleSoft user support. She has also been co-chair and a member of the Support Staff Recognition Committee over the years.

This award was particularly meaningful to Racher, who noted it follows a couple of challenging years.
“It really renews my energy to strive for better and keep my standards high,” she said.

Administrative Award of Excellence: Vince Malvaso

Director of Financial Services Vince Malvaso is the latest recipient of the Administrative Award of Excellence.

Malvaso said he was truly humbled by the honour.

“It is meaningful to be recognized by my co-workers but it is a team approach,” he said. “I am very fortunate to work with a great team in Financial Services, and this award is a recognition of the work each and every member contributes to the College and student success.

Since he joined the College in April 2003 as manager, budgets and financial reporting, Malvaso has most enjoyed the opportunity to work with students and staff. One of the highlights has been participating in convocation ceremonies, watching students walk across the stage.

“I enjoy and appreciate how fortunate we all are to work at NC supporting students achieving their dreams,” he said.

In addition to participating in several college committees, Malvaso is chair of the College Ontario Finance Officers group, and is an active member of the Ministry Financial Working Group. He was previously involved with the NCSAC board as an ex-officio college member.

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