White Oaks garden project reaps harvest of NC expertise


Pictured from left: Michael Wakil, CEO of White Oaks; Meghan Beattie, recent Horticultural Technician graduate (2016), and research associate at Niagara Research & Innovation; Christian Martell (standing), chef, WO: Kyle Paton (sitting), creative consultant for Grow Restaurant, WO; Tanya Blankenburg, faculty project lead, professor, NC’s School of Environment and Horticulture; Mackenzie Haines, Horticultural Technician student (co-op) student; and college president Dan Patterson.

A garden project is flourishing at White Oaks, thanks to Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division.

On August 12, Niagara College’s Research & Innovation division unveiled its progress on its White Oaks Sustainable garden project. The media event involved students and faculty from Niagara College, as well as representatives from White Oaks.

Led by faculty and students, and funded by the federal government in partnership with White Oaks Resort and Spa, the project has seen the conversion of a former parking lot and grass strip into a garden used to grow food for Grow Restaurant, a new dining experience opening soon at White Oaks.

Follow the project’s progress on the Niagara Research & Innovation website here:

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