IceDogs ticket Contest: Feb. 21

IceDogs ticket Contest: Feb. 21

It’s day four of InsideNC’s IceDogs ticket contest, which offers NC employees a chance to win a pair of tickets to Niagara College Night with the Niagara IceDogs on Feb. 27.

Each day of the contest, participants are entered into a draw for a pair of tickets to the game if they submit a correct response to the day’s question to before 4 p.m.

To be entered into the Feb. 21 draw, email your response to the following question to InsideNC before 4 p.m:

Question: Decadance 2014 kicks off Saturday, Feb. 22 at NC’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute. Name the colleges that will be participating in the Battle of Ontario competition at this college event.

InsideNC’s IceDogs ticket contest runs between Feb. 18-21.

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Ticket contest winners

Congratulations to Simona Davis, winner of the Feb. 20 draw, as well as previous draw winners Jennifer Quilty (Feb. 19);and Anne-Marie Lallouet (Feb 18).


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