Chartwells Manager Team Hits Home with Sustainability

During the first week of February, Managers on the Chartwells Dining Services team for Niagara College were invited to a sustainability training session, and focus on how Cafeteria services can become more green. Taryn Wilkinson, Niagara College’s Sustainability Coordinator and Gina Pannunzio, the Sustainability Engagement Assistant facilitated the session. 

The training session focused introduced sustainability at Niagara College and touched on some of the sustainability projects taking place at the NOTL and Welland Campus. The main topic of discussion was waste management, as Niagara College has a target of reaching a 65% diversion rate from the landfill by 2016. Some of the highlights of the training session include going over the various Waste Streams at Niagara College and what the acceptable and non-acceptable items in each waste stream. Also, the results of the 2012 Waste Audit were reviewed to help gain better insight to some of the waste generating practices on campus. 

As a conclusion to the training, all Managers were asked to help separate a variety of take out material from the Dining Services and place them into the solid waste, co-mingled (paper, plastic and glass), grey bin and organics. This exercise was very helpful, as the type of material can confuse those who are not sure which bins they should be disposed in. All Managers received as Sustainability Certificate, and are on their way to making Niagara College more sustainable! 

Please stay tuned as Chartwells Dining Services will make their way onto a new Campus Projects page! 

Managers Team of Chartwells Dining Services at Niagara College 

Andy Twells (Food Service Director), Alyssa Ukrainetz, Dean Mcintyre, Gloria Blanchard and Laurie Steele

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