Pictured: Steve Gill (left) points out features of the newly expanded NC Teaching Brewery to visiting NDP caucus members on Feb. 3.


Several NDP caucus members toured Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute on the morning of Feb. 3.

Visitors included MPP John Vanthof, Critic for Agriculture and Food; MPP Cheri DiNovo, Caucus Whip and Critic for Community and Social Services; MPP Paul Miller, Critic for Tourism, Sport and Culture; MPP Teresa Armstrong, Critic for Training Colleges and Universities; MPP Peggy Sattler, Critic for Safety and Correctional Services and Rowena Santos, advisor to NDP leader Andrea Horwath.  

The tour began with a presentation in the Wine Visitor and Education Centre where the MPPs were briefed about the benefits a college education provides to the local economy, the college’s student learning enterprises, its applied research projects, and work with the unemployed and Second Career students to re-train them for the work force.

President Dan Patterson, CFWI dean Craig Youdale, and general manager NC Teaching Winery and Teaching Brewery Steve Gill led the group from the Wine Visitor and Education Centre to the NC Teaching Brewery. After Brewmaster professor Jon Downing told them about the successes of Canada’s first teaching brewery, the group moved onto a culinary lab where they met with some members of Jr. Culinary Team Canada.

The tour concluded near the CFWI food research labs where NC professor and coordinator of Culinary Innovation and Food Technology Amy Proulx, and Research project manager Nigel Corish highlighted work being done with local food processers through applied research projects.



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