NC’s Rick Chandler recognized by Niagara’s paramedics


Rick is presented with his service plaque from the NPA, which contained his EMS badge, his service crest and eight maple leaf pins, each representing 5 years of service. Presenting the plaque is Amy Bremhurst an ACP with Niagara EMS, on behalf of the NPA.

On Friday May 24th, 2013 at Club Castropignano in Port Robinson, retiring NC paramedic professor Rick Chandler was recognized for 44 years of service in the field and in the classroom, by the Niagara EMS Paramedic Union CUPE and the Niagara Paramedic Association (NPA) as part of their retirement gala. Rick started his ambulance career in Niagara in 1969 with Grimsby Ambulance Service.   During his 44 years in the EMS system Rick worked on the road as paramedic, spent a few years as an EMS dispatcher out of St. Catharines, and in the late ’70s joined Niagara College in the delivery of one of the first Ambulance courses to be offered in Ontario.  In the early 2000s Rick returned to the ambulance and took a part-time position for a few years with Niagara EMS as a primary care paramedic (PCP).  At the gala Rick was recognized for his many years of continued service within the EMS system and his contribution to the  education of hundreds of paramedics within the health care system.

Rick was presented with a certificate of recognition from Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor, as well as from the Paramedic union CUPE, Niagara EMS, and a plaque from the NPA.  Over 150 individuals attended the gala, including Rick’s entire family his wife Betty Ann, his son Dave Chandler (PCP with Niagara EMS) and his daughter Carolyn Chandler-Hill (advanced care paramedic with Niagara EMS).

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