Sustainability tips: Print preview, turn offs and using your mug

NC continues to pursue its sustainability goals, including cutting paper consumption by 50%, achieving a 65% diversion rate for waste, reducing electricity consumption by 10%, greenhouse gas emissions by 10% and water consumption by 5%.

NC has taken important steps in pursuit of these goals: printers and copiers are being set to automatically print double-sided documents, garbage cans have been removed from classrooms and are now installed in hallways beside recycling containers and hallway drinking fountains are being modified so they can be used to fill water bottles.

Steps are also being taken to share information with students, staff and visitors to help us understand the environmental impacts of our daily habits and behaviours, and ways to reduce those impacts. Sustainability was the key theme of our recent Day of Reflection event, the theme of the current issue of encore, and the Sustainability Committee launched its web site last fall.

Starting today, NC’s Sustainability Committee will bring you regular tips via InsideNC that will help us reach our environmental goals.

Today’s tips:

  • Reduce paper by making sure your document set up properly before you print. Preview documents before printing. In Microsoft Office applications you can hit print preview to see what your document will look like before you print it!
  • Reduce energy consumption by shutting down your computer when you leave for the day. One of the biggest things you can do to reduce office energy consumption is to shut off your computer, and encourage others to do so, every night.
  • Reduce waste: Bring a reusable mug to get coffee or tea, you will generally get a discount and you won’t generate waste!

Did you know:

The proportions of pulp to paper at the beginning of the paper making process is approximately 1 part pulp to 200 parts water?

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