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Course Title: Esthetics Clinic ll (Niagara Waters)

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Code: ESTH1209P

Admit Term: 2019 Winter 1191

Credits: 3


ESTH 1209 (Clinic II) will further your ability to provide professional guest centered services and independence in making decisions. Emphasis will be placed on meeting industry time frames and modifying routine procedures to adapt to dynamic situations and client needs. You will continue to build, improve and enhance existing skill sets and performance competencies as well as develop greater confidence in retailing and marketing. Participation in daily operational tasks will introduce you to the management aspect of the Spa business.

Prerequisite(s) for this course

  • ESTH1109 - Esthetics Clinic l (Niagara Waters) AND
  • ESTH1110 - Spa Treatments l AND
  • ESTH1205 - Hair Removal II AND
  • ESTH1207 - Nail Techniques II AND
  • ESTH1303 - Skin Care Practicum lll

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