Complaints and Concerns

It’s our desire to resolve any complaints or concerns in a prompt and courteous manner. Our expectation is that most issues will be resolved informally, by way of discussion between the student and the appropriate staff member.

Procedures for complaints

For certain complaints or concerns, we have established specific procedures.


  • If your complaint is about grades or withdrawals, please read and follow the academic appeal policy.
  • If your complaint is about harassment or discrimination, please read and follow the harassment/discrimination policy.
  • If your concern or complaint involves a threat to personal safety, yourself or others – report the matter directly to the police, security services, or any administrator of the College.

For all other complaints please follow the below instructions.

Student Issue Forms

If you are unable to print the form, you can also pick up a copy in divisional offices, Counselling Services, Student Administrative Offices, and Learning Resource Centres.

Complaints about Niagara College

  1. In an effort to resolve the issue informally, the student will bring the issue to the appropriate staff member. The staff member may request that the student complete a Student Issue Form.
  2. If no resolution is found at Step 1, the student may present the complaint or concern in writing using the Student Issue Form, to the Administrator of the division in which the student is registered. The written submission must include details related to the Step 1 process. The Administrator will initiate an individual or joint discussion with the student(s) and staff member(s) involved. If resolved, the Administrator will notify all concerned parties.
  3. If no resolution is found at Step 2, the student may refer the matter to the appropriate Vice-President. The appropriate Vice-President will review the materials submitted and may convene a meeting between the parties. The Vice-President will render a final decision and notify all parties concerned.

As a guideline, steps 1 to 3 should not normally exceed one month.

Complaints about another student

Each member of the college community is responsible for helping to create an environment that is free of harassment, discrimination and violence. We encourage all members of the NC community to work and study in co-operative and collaborative ways, respecting the worth and dignity of every person.

From time to time, interpersonal difficulties and conflicts may arise between students. The following steps are recommended:

  1. As soon as possible after the complaint or concern has arisen, attempt to discuss it with the individual involved. Most conflicts are the results of a misunderstanding or miscommunication – find out if this is the case with your issue.
  2. At any point during your complaint resolution process, please consider seeking confidential guidance and support from the professional staff in Counselling Services.

If informal attempts to resolve the interpersonal student conflicts are not successful and you feel your learning environment continues to be negatively impacted, please report the matter to the Office of the Director, Student Services 905-735-2211 x 7783, Room B10 at the Welland Campus.