Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), or equivalent, including the following required courses:
  • English - any Grade 12 (C) or (U), or equivalent
  • Mathematics - any Grade 12 (C) or (U), or equivalent

Recommended courses or skills: What's this?

These courses are not required for admission.

  • Construction Technology - Grade 11 or 12 (C)
  • Information and Communications Technology - Grade 11 (O)
  • Physics - Grade 11 (U) or Grade 12 (C) or (U)
  • Technological Design - Grade 11 or 12 (M)
Selection and Ranking Process

For competitive programs (the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available places), selection will be based on the highest senior level final grade available at the time of ranking. Mid-term grades are not used for ranking purposes. Testing or other supplemental evaluation may be required.

Program Requirements What's this?
Mandatory Laptop Lease Program

Personally dedicated laptop computers are an integral component of our computer-integrated curriculum. All students will be required to lease a high-end laptop computer from the College. The laptop configurations will include the Windows operating environment and networking software for connection to the College network system.

Application software will include AutoCAD, Revit, Civil3D, MathCAD, and WINEST. The College also provides several other application software packages throughout the program.

Learn more about the mandatory laptop lease program.


Students are responsible for their own transportation in order to complete off-campus practical lab requirements. Niagara College cannot guarantee locations that are readily accessible by public transportation. Students are responsible for all costs connected with such transportation.