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NEW: Sexual Assault and Sexual Violence Practice and Protocol

This comprehensive practice reflects our commitment to provide a healthy and safe learning environment and workplace, and to support those who experience sexual assault or sexual violence. It provides a clear set of rights and responsibilities, standards for reporting and responding to incidents of sexual violence as well as a process for complaints and investigations. This practice also ensures that immediate and effective support is available for survivors of sexual assault and sexual violence, and that those who make complaints or report incidents of sexual assault or sexual violence are protected from retaliation and threats.


Niagara College faculty, staff and students have a right to raise concerns or file complaints in good faith, and without fear of reprisal. Practices are in place to address a wide range of individual concerns, complaints and issues. In addition, we have introduced a Whistleblower practice that will provide protection to any member of the College community – including staff, faculty, students, visitors and contractors who, in good faith, makes a complaint or disclosure, or raises a concern that a member or members of the College community are engaged in serious misconduct, wrongdoing or illegal activities that falls outside of our existing confidential internal policies.

Steering Committee-Integrated Planning Process for NC Programs and Services / Transform NC

This new Steering Committee has been established to provide a forum for discussion of the integrated planning process for Niagara College programs and services as they support the implementation of the College’s 2013-16 Strategic Plan. This steering committee will establish priorities for both programs and services for the College to follow as it allocates resources in the future.

Illness & Injury Management Practice replaced by Disability Management Practice

The Injury and Illness Management Practice has been replaced by the Disability Management Practice. This updated practice has incorporated changes to the AODA legislation. The College promotes a fair and consistent approach to Disability Management and formalized procedures have been established to provide awareness for all staff regarding their responsibilities and expectations with respect to; Attendance and WSIB Claims Management, the Return to Work Program, and Individual Accommodations Plans.