Have your say: Strategic Plan steering committee looking for your ideas and feedback

Thanks to all of our participants! The survey is now closed.

The Strategic Planning Steering Committee invites all Niagara College employees to provide ideas and feedback on our strategic planning process by completing a short, seven-question online survey.

The survey is part of the development phase of our strategic planning process, which also includes the upcoming Strategic Plan Consultation Conference, which has drawn a group of participants that represents a broad cross section of our college community. The online survey is designed to ensure that all Niagara College employees have the opportunity to contribute to a new, long-term vision for Niagara College.

The brief survey builds on the discussion at Day of Reflection, where Ken Steele, a postsecondary education “guru,” futurist and the president of the consulting firm Eduvation provided a comprehensive overview of the significant changes in demographics, the needs and expectations of students, postsecondary funding, educational technology and the ways in which colleges and universities are delivering programs – all of which underline the need for Niagara College to develop a plan to guide us as we navigate the profound changes taking place. If you were unable to attend Day of Reflection, Ken Steele’s presentation, along with data from table discussions and online polling that took place at the event, is available on the corporate drive at G:\Corporate\Strategic Planning 2016-2017.

The information gathered in this survey will inform our strategic planning process moving forward.

Click here to take the survey, which takes less than five minutes to complete. The deadline for completing the survey is Friday, May 27.