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Code Title Registration
WEBD1103P 3D Animation Open
PSYC1309P Abnormal Psychology Open
PSYC1310P Abnormal Psychology Open
CAPP1120C Access - Part I Open
CAPP1121C Access - Part II Open
CAPP1122C Access - Part III Open
ACCT1701P Accounting Basics I Open
ACCT1702P Accounting Basics II Open
GENI1651C Achieving Success with Difficult PeopleNew Open
GENI1732C Achieving Top Search Engine PositionsNew Open
GENI1091C Acoustic Rhythm Guitar for Adults - Level I Open
GENI1690C Administrative Assistant FundamentalsNew Open
PSYC1322P Adolescent PsychologyNew Open
GENI1734C Advanced Fiction WritingNew Open
GENI1687C Advanced PC SecurityNew Open
GENI1733C Advanced Web PagesNew Open
OEVT1321P Advanced Winemaking I Open
GENI1031C Air Brake Z - Endorsement Open
GENI1179C Architecture Drawing and Painting Open
JOUR1040C Art of Photography - Introduction Open
HTSM1010C Artisanal Breads Open
TECH1033C AutoCAD - Introduction to 3-D Modeling Open
COMP1255C AutoCAD I Open
COMP1259C AutoCAD II Open
SMNR1918C Backpacking Essentials - Exotic Destinations Open
OEVT1121P Basic Winemaking Open
GENI1178C Bee Hive Products - Health and Well BeingNew Open
GENI1688C Beginner's Guide to Getting PublishedNew Open
GENI1689C Beginning Writer's WorkshopNew Open
GENI1181C Blues Harmonica - Intermediate Open
SMNR1901C Blues Harmonica -Introductory Open
BREW1003C BREW ACADEMNY AT CFWI - MODULE 3 - Discover Brewing Ingredients Open
BREW1001C BREW ACADEMY AT CFWI - MODULE 1 - A Day in the Brewery Open
BREW1002C BREW ACADEMY AT CFWI - MODULE 2 - Brew Production Open
BREW1004C BREW ACADEMY AT CFWI - MODULE 4 - Brew Packaging Open
BREW1005C BREW ACADEMY AT CFWI - MODULE 5 - Brewery Trends, Operations & Health & Safety Open
GENI1653C Building Teams That WorkNew Open
GENI1735C Business and Marketing WritingNew Open
MATH1701P Business Math Open
COMM1110P Business Writing Fundamentals Open
BUSN1050P Business Writing Strategies Open
MATH1704P Calculus Open
GENI1042C Calligraphy: The Fine Art of Hand Lettering - I Open
PHLT1132C Can-Fit-Pro: Fitness Instructor Specialist Open
PHLT1131C Can-Fit-Pro: Personal Trainer Specialist Open
BUSN1701P Canadian Business Law Open
ACCT1404P Canadian Income Tax I Open
COMM1072P Censorship, The Media and You Open
AUTO1048C Certified Automotive Tire Service Technician Open
HTSM1003C CFWI / SGS Internal Auditing for Human or Animal Food Sectors Open
HTSM1032C CFWI Bake with an ExpertNew Open
HTSM1035C CFWI Holiday Cheer Baking ClassNew Open
HTSM1033C Chicken Butchery with Chef LittlejohnNew Open
HTSM1063C Cider with Gavin Robertson Open
PSYC1137P Co-dependency as an AddictionNew Open
MATH1160P College Mathematics for Pre-Health Science Open
GENI1177C Colour Harmony and Composition in Mixed MediaNew Open
HTSM1009C Comfort Food with Chef Littlejohn Open
PSYC1102P Communicating in Relationships Open
LDEV1001C Communications Open
COMM1224P Communications and Report Writing Open
COMM1060P Communications I Open
PERS1502P Compensation Administration Open
COMP1973P Computer Application Fundamentals Open
MICR1483P Computer Applications Open
GENI1691C Computer Skills for the WorkplaceNew Open
COMP1160P Computers I, Introduction to Open
MGMT1060C Condominium Administration and Human Relations Open
GENI1074C Contemporary Acrylics Open
ENGL1010P Contemporary Canadian Issues Open
HTSM1005C Cook to Entertain with Chef Littlejohn Open
ACCT1092P Cost and Managerial Accounting I Open
ACCT1093P Cost and Managerial Accounting II Open
SOCL1235P Counselling At Risk Youth Open
GENI1692C Creating a Classroom Web SiteNew Open
GENI1736C Creating a Successful Business PlanNew Open
GENI1693C Creating Classroom CentersNew Open
GENI1739C Creating Web PagesNew Open
GENI1740C Creating WordPress WebsitesNew Open
LDEV1021C Creative and Critical ThinkingNew Open
PSYC1070P Criminal Psychology - Psychopathic Minds Open
PSYC1206P Criminal Psychology II - Criminal MindsNew Open
CRIM1200P Criminology Open
PSYC1073P Cults and Terrorism Open
ADED1029C Curriculum Development Open
GENI1106C Dance: Swing and Jive Open
GENI1004C Dance: The SalsaNew Open
GENI1310C Dance: The Slow Foxtrot Open
GENI1013C Dance: The Waltz Open
MICR1766P Database Management Open
DENT1099C Dental Radiography - HARP Open
DENT1316C Dental Radiography & Digital Imaging Refresher Open
GENI1694C Designing Effective WebsitesNew Open
GERO1081C Developmental Disabilities and Aging Open
COUN1003C Developmental Disabilities and Sexuality Open
HDEV1100P Developmental Psychology Open
JOUR1020C Digital Darkroom II - Photo Editing, Intermediate Open
JOUR1005C Digital Photography - Imaging and Workflow Open
GENI1742C Distribution and Logistics ManagementNew Open
BRTF1212P Documentary Scriptwriting Open
PSYC1072P Domestic and Workplace Violence Open
DRFT1043C Drafting with AutoCAD Open
BRTF1123P Dramatic Scriptwriting Open
GENI1049C Drawing and Sketching Basics Open
GENI1196C Drawing Animal Portraits - Part IINew Open
GENI1743C Drawing for the Absolute BeginnerNew Open
GENI1599C Drawing in 3-D: Linear Perspective Open
SMNR1565C Drone Aerial Photography - IntroductionNew Open
GENI1745C Effective Business WritingNew Open
GENI1654C Effective SellingNew Open
LDEV1006C Employment Law For Leadership Development Open
PERS1302P Employment Legislation Open
COMM1242P English I Open
COMM1252P English II Open
GENI1695C Enhancing Language Development in ChildhoodNew Open
ENTR1014P Entrepreneurship Open
SMNR1278C Establishing Positive Relationships Open
BUSN1134P Ethical Issues in Business Open
COMP1990P Excel - Core (formerly Excel Specialist) Open
COMP1420C Excel - Level I Open
CAPP1117C Excel - Part I Open
CAPP1118C Excel - Part II Open
CAPP1119C Excel - Part III Open
COMP1909P Excel Expert Open
SMNR1557C Experienced Motorcyclist: On-Road Skills Refresher (5 Hours)New Open
SMNR1556C Experienced Motorcyclist: Rider Development, Phase 2New Open
SMNR1555C Experienced Motorcyclist: Rider Development, Phase INew Open
SMNR1514C FACEBOOK - Today's Social Media PlatformNew Open
LDEV1031C FinanceNew Open
ACCT1198P Financial Accounting Concepts Open
ACCT1130P Financial Accounting I Open
ACCT1230P Financial Accounting II Open
BUSN1030C Financial Planning for Condominium Managers Open
SMNR1508C FITCO Practice TestNew Open
SMNR1518C FITCO Testing Open
SMNR1523C Fitness in OncologyNew Open
HORT1576P Floral Design I Open
HORT1577P Floral Design II Open
HORT1774P Floral Design III Open
HORT1675P Floral Design IV - Creative Floral Arranging Open
AUTO1047C Four-Stroke Cycle EETC Certification Open
LANG1201P French I Open
LANG1177P FRENCH: Conversational - Level I Open
LANG1178P FRENCH: Conversational - Level II Open
LANG1011P FRENCH: En Bons Termes - Level I Open
LANG1012P FRENCH: En Bons Termes - Level II Open
LANG1173P FRENCH: En Bons Termes - Level III Open
LANG1174P FRENCH: En Bons Termes - Level IV Open
LANG1175P FRENCH: En Bons Termes - Level V Open
LANG1176P FRENCH: En Bons Termes - Level VI Open
HTSM1505C From Tea Garden to Tea CupNew Open
INTL1100P Fundamentals of International TradeNew Open
SMNR1056C Fundamentals of Lift Truck Training Open
GENI1748C Fundamentals of Technical WritingNew Open
GENI1746C Fundamentals Supervision and ManagementNew Open
GENI1747C Fundamentals Supervision and Management IINew Open
OEVT1120P General Viticulture Open
GENI1696C Get Assertive!New Open
GENI1749C Get Funny!New Open
GENI1701C Happy and Healthy PregnancyNew Open
GENI1652C Helping Elderly ParentsNew Open
SMNR1473C Hiking for Edible Plants Open
HIST1001P Hockey Hall of Fame Presents Open
HTSM1070C Holiday Hors D'oeuvresNew Open
HTSM1038C Home-made Breads Open
HTSM1067C Homemade Pasta Open
SMNR1813C Homestaging: De-clutter Your Home De-clutter Your Life!New Open
GENI1897C Homestaging: Tips and TechniquesNew Open
GENI1698C How to Get Started in Game DevelopmentNew Open
GENI1699C How to Make Money From Your WritingNew Open
COMP1478C HTML Intro, Writing Web Pages Open
LDEV1036C Human Relations Open
PERS1710P Human Resource Management Principles Open
PERS1301P Human Resources Management Open
PERS1670P Human Resources Planning Open
PERS1706P Human Resources Planning Open
PSYC1606P Human Sexuality Open
GENI1717C Individual ExcellenceNew Open
PERS1705P Industrial Relations Open
INSR1146C Insurance - Basic Broker Registration Open
GENI1108C Interior Design - Residential Open
ACCT1250P Intermediate Accounting I Open
NURS1074C Intravenous Therapy for Nurses Open
CEHR1700P Introduction to Business Management & Organizational Behaviour Open
ENGL1040P Introduction to Children's Literature Open
LAWS1040C Introduction to Condominium Law Open
GENI1718C Introduction to Database DevelopmentNew Open
GENI1719C Introduction to Digital ScrapbookingNew Open
BUSN1704P Introduction to E-Business Open
ACCT1299P Introduction to Financial Management Accounting Open
GENI1656C Introduction to GuitarNew Open
GENI1657C Introduction to Interior DesignNew Open
GENI1700C Introduction to JournalingNew Open
GENI1659C Introduction to Natural Health and HealingNew Open
GENI1697C Introduction to PC SecurityNew Open
GENI1702C Introduction to PC TroubleshootingNew Open
CEBU1400C Introduction to Procurement Open
MGMT1064P Introduction to Project Management Open
GENI1703C Introduction to QuickBooks OnlineNew Open
SOCL1700P Introduction to Sociology I Open
HTSM1501C Introduction to Tea Open
OEVT1126P Introduction to Wine Chemistry Open
PSYC1100P Introductory Psychology Open
HTSM1008C It's all about the Sauce with Chef LittlejohnNew Open
GENI1186C Italian for Travellers - and Just for Fun!New Open
LANG1302P Italian I Open
LANG1006P Italian IINew Open
LANG1303P Japanese I Open
LANG1007P Japanese IINew Open
COMP1677C Java Intermediate Open
GENI1144C Jewelry Metalworking - Level I Open
GENI1704C Keys to Effective CommunicationNew Open
SMNR1885C Knitting Basics Open
PERS1431P Labour Relations Open
COMM1101P Language and Communications Open
LAWS1036C Law Clerk - Estates Open
LAWS1034C Law Clerks - CorporateNew Open
GENI1663C LeadershipNew Open
LDEV1016C Leading Responsibly Open
LDEV1041C Leading Teams Open
GENI1664C Learn to Buy and Sell on eBayNew Open
GENI1058C Learn to Use Your Digital Camera Open
GENI1158C Learn to Use Your Digital Camera - Advanced Open
HDEV1070C Leisure Lifestyles and Employment Alternatives Open
GENI1665C Lose Weight and Keep It OffNew Open
GENI1666C Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick MealsNew Open
GENI1720C Mac, iPhone, iPad ProgrammingNew Open
ECON1102P Macro Economics Open
ECON1441P Macro Economics Open
ACCT1505P Management Cost Accounting I Open
MGMT1131P Management Principles Open
ACCT1300P Managerial Accounting Open
LDEV1046C Managing Change Open
GENI1721C Managing Customer ServiceNew Open
BUSN1115P Managing Your Financial Affairs Open
SMNR1277C Managing Your Mouth Open
MKTG1700P Marketing I Open
GENI1667C Marketing Your Business on the InternetNew Open
GENI1668C Marriage and Relationships: Keys to SuccessNew Open
GENI1669C Mastering Public SpeakingNew Open
GENI1744C Mastery of Business FundamentalsNew Open
MATH1107P Mathematics Open
MATH1134P Mathematics I for the School of Technology StudiesNew Open
MATH1230P Mathematics II Open
MATH1231P Mathematics II for Technicians and Technologists Open
MATH1330P Mathematics III for Construction Open
MATH1332P Mathematics III for Mechanical Engineering Technology Open
MATH1331P Mathematics III for Technology Open
MATH1432P Mathematics IV for Mechanical Engineering Technology Open
MATH1206P Mathematics of Finance Open
DRFT1009P Mechanical Engineering Drawings Open
ADMN1154C Medical Office Terminology Open
ADMN1008C Medical Office Clerical Procedures Open
ADMN1059C Medical Office Management - Health Open
ADMN1152C Medical Office Terminology Open
SMNR1517C Mental Health First Aid Basic (MHFA)New Open
GENI1722C Merrill Ream Speed ReadingNew Open
CAPS1001C Methods of Production Open
SMNR1578C Metis Style Dot Art Painting WorkshopNew Open
ECON1100P Micro Economics Open
ECON1141P Micro Economics Open
SMNR1484C Money Smart Workshop Open
SMNR1499C Motorcycle - An Introduction to Motorcycling Open
GENI1120C Motorcycle - Basic Rider Training Course Open
SMNR1549C Motorcycle - Basic Skills Refresher (3 Hours)New Open
GENI1155C Motorcycle - M2 Exit Open
SMNR1092C Motorcycle - Retest Open
GENI1011C Motorcycle Instructor's Recertification Open
GENI1180C Motorcycle Rider Instructor Development TrainingNew Open
GENI1705C Music Made EasyNew Open
GENI1706C Mystery WritingNew Open
GENI1006P Myths and Legends Open
SMNR1525C New Manager's Toolkit - Managing in a Unionized EnvironmentNew Open
SMNR1854C New Manager's Toolkit: Developing Your Management Style Open
SMNR1852C New Manager's Toolkit: Sharpening Your Communication Skills Open
SMNR1853C New Manager's Toolkit: Strategic Planning Concepts Open
SMNR1851C New Manager's Toolkit: Understanding Your New Role as Manager Open
SMNR1855C New Manager's Toolkit: Time Management and Organizational Skills Open
SMNR1850C New Manager'sToolkit: Managing Human Resources Open
SMNR1470C New Manager'sToolkit: Dealing With Difficult People in Today's Workplace Open
HLTH1513P Nutrition Open
HLTH1189P Nutrition for Healthy Living Open
EDUC1347P Observational and Anecdotal Reporting Open
PERS1704P Occupational Health and Safety Open
SMNR1247C ODP Full Certification - Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Open
ADMN1158P Office Technology and Procedures Open
SMNR1558C One-On-One 3 Hour Motorcycle Training SessionNew Open
SMNR1563C One-On-One M2 Exit Motorcycle CourseNew Open
SMNR1098C Operating Procedures and Demonstration of Skills Open
OPER1401P Operations Management INew Open
OPER1700P Operations Management I Open
COMM1007P Organizational Business Communications Open
GENI1152C Painting on Silk - Decorative Art Open
SMNR1479C PARE Testing Open
BAKG1011C Pastry Craft I Open
CEAC1702C Payroll Administration Open
CEHR1035C Payroll Compliance Legislation Open
CEHR1015C Payroll Fundamentals I Open
CEHR1025C Payroll Fundamentals II Open
LDEV1026C Performance Management Open
NURS1063C Phlebotomy - Venipuncture Collection Procedures Open
JOUR1103C Photography - Advanced Open
JOUR1101C Photography - Portraiture Open
JOUR1141P Photography - Practical Field Experience Open
GENI1161C Photography Fieldtrip Social Club Open
MGMT1050C Physical Building Management Open
SMNR1516C Physical Evaluation Test (PET) Paramedic Testing Open
JOUR1091C Poetry Writing Open
SMNR1527P PREP Practice TestNew Open
ADED1027C Principles of Adult Education Open
LAWS1010C Private Security Guard Training Licensing Requirements Open
SMNR1564C Professional Bow Making Open
COUN1091P Professional Development and Ethics Open
GENI1723C Professional Sales SkillsNew Open
ADMN1009C Professionalism in the Medical Office Open
LDEV1011C Project ManagementNew Open
SMNR1084C Propane Safety for Lift Truck Operation Open
PSYC1609P Psychology Introduction Open
GENI1707C Publish and Sell Your E-BooksNew Open
MATH1019P Quantitative Methods I Open
GENI1671C QuickBooks 2015 for ContractorsNew Open
COMP1020C Quickbooks: An Introduction Open
GENI1724C Ready, Set, Read!New Open
PERS1607P Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Techniques Open
PERS1707P Recruitment, Selection and Interviewing Techniques Open
GENI1672C Research Methods for WritersNew Open
GENI1725C Response to Intervention: Reading Strategies That WorkNew Open
GENI1673C Resume Writing WorkshopNew Open
COMM1701P Science Fiction Open
HTSM1007C Seal the Season with Chef Littlejohn Open
HTSM1737C Seasonal Soups and Salads Open
GENI1708C Secrets of the CatererNew Open
LAWS1012C Security Guard Training Open
CAPS1112C Sensory Development and Wine Open
OEVT1122P Sensory Evaluation of Wines I Open
OEVT1322P Sensory Evaluation of Wines II Open
PSYC1071P Sexual ViolenceNew Open
HTSM1043C SGS Building a Sound Quality Management SystemNew Open
HTSM1052C SGS Food Safety System Corrective ActionsNew Open
HTSM1004C SGS Hazard Analysis, HARPC, Hazard Assessment & Risk Based Controls for Human & Animal Food Open
HTSM1062C SGS Supply Chain Food Safety ManagementNew Open
LANG1300P Sign Language (ASL) Level I Open
LANG1008P Sign Language (ASL) Level II Open
LANG1305P Sign Language (ASL) Level III Open
LANG1310P Sign Language (ASL) Level IVNew Open
GENI1709C Six Sigma: Total Quality ApplicationsNew Open
GENI1674C Skills for Making Great DecisionsNew Open
GENI1675C Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring BudgetNew Open
AUTO1059C Small Engine Electrical and Two-Stroke Cycle EETC Certification Open
AUTO1049C Small Engine Maintenance and Troubleshooting Open
AUTO1046C Small Engine Rebuilding Open
HTSM1741C Smart Serve Open
PSYC1607P Social Psychology Open
CAPS1010C Sommelier Entrance Exam Open
CAPS1006C Sommelier Management Open
SMNR1567C Song Writing with Rick RoseNew Open
GENI1182C Spanish for Travellers - and Just for Fun!New Open
LANG1301P Spanish I Open
LANG1009P Spanish II Open
LANG1304P Spanish III Open
LANG1306P Spanish IVNew Open
LANG1040P Spanish: Cross-cultural Communication Open
CAPS1005C Spirits and Other Beverages Open
MICR1583P Spreadsheet Applications Open
EMRG1001C Standard First Aid, CPR C & AED (Adult, Child and Infant) Open
EMRG1004C Standard First Aid, CPR, AED and HCP (Health Care Provider) Open
GENI1676C Start a Pet Sitting BusinessNew Open
GENI1677C Start and Operate Your own Home-Based BusinessNew Open
GENI1678C Start Your own Arts and Crafts BusinessNew Open
GENI1679C Start Your Own Edible GardenNew Open
GENI1680C Start Your Own Gift Basket BusinessNew Open
GENI1685C Start Your Own Online BusinessNew Open
GENI1681C Start Your Own Small BusinessNew Open
GENI1682C Starting a Consulting PracticeNew Open
MATH1310P Statistical Concepts Open
MATH1235P StatisticsNew Open
PSYC1130P Stress and Stress Management Open
HLTH1517P Stress, Wellness and Nutrition Open
SMNR1096C Tall Ship - Cruise Through HistoryNew Open
SMNR1824C Tall Ship Twilight Cruise Open
ACCT1705P Taxation I Open
GENI1711C The Craft of Magazine WritingNew Open
GENI1726C The Creative ClassroomNew Open
GENI1727C The Keys to Effective EditingNew Open
RECL1453P Therapeutic Recreation Process Open
HTSM1015C Tour of India Open
PERS1630P Training and Development Open
PERS1708P Training and Development Open
GENI1683C Travel Photography for the Digital PhotographerNew Open
GENI1712C Travel WritingNew Open
GENI1728C Twelve Steps to a Successful Job SearchNew Open
COUN1004C Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behaviour Open
GENI1713C Understanding the CloudNew Open
GENI1729C Using Social Media in BusinessNew Open
SMNR1174C Watercolour for Beginners - Workshop Open
HTSM1039C Wine and Cheese with the Experts Open
OEVT1324P Wine Chemistry and Lab Analysis Open
OEVT1422P Wine Marketing and SalesNew Open
CAPS1004C Wine Regions of the World - New World Open
CAPS1003C Wine Regions of the World - Old World Open
OEVT1326P Winery Retail Sales Open
OEVT1224P Wines of the New World Open
OEVT1421P Wines of the Old World Open
GENI1730C Wireless NetworkingNew Open
COMP1936C Word, Excel and PowerPoint Fundamentals Open
NURS1209C Wound Care Assessment and Management Open
GENI1650C Wow, What a Great Event!New Open
GENI1731C Write Effective Web ContentNew Open
GENI1714C Write Your Life StoryNew Open
GENI1686C Writing for ChildrenNew Open
ENGL1032P Writing Grammatically Open
COMM1133P Writing StrategiesNew Open
GENI1715C Writing the Fantasy NovelNew Open
GENI1716C Writing Young Adult FictionNew Open
SMNR1513C Zen-Inspired Artistic Designs Open
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