Wine Making I

  • Type: In Class
  • Credential: Certificate of Achievement
  • Starts In: Fall, Winter, Spring
  • Plan #: C2146

About this part-time program ( What's this?)

For some, wine is a pleasure to be enjoyed. For you, it’s that – and an exciting career! Join our award winning commercial teaching winery and ignite your passion for wine making. Whether you are a hobbyist and/or a wine enthusiast interested in enhancing your knowledge about wine, this program combines theoretical knowledge and skills with practical hands-on experience to quench your thirst.

Career Opportunities

This program prepares individuals for an exciting career in the viticulture and wine-making industry. The curriculum covers the aspect of the business and science of wine-making. Possible entry level career options include:

  • Oenologist – serving as a professional winemaker to test grapes, ferment the juice, oversee cellaring and manage storage and maturation of the wine
  • Vineyard Manager – a wine professional in charge of selecting different crop varieties, planting grape vines and pruning crops each season
  • Cellar Manager – a wine professional responsible for storing wine so that it reaches full maturation, overseeing sales and providing tours for vendors and guests
  • Cellar Hand – an assistant to the cellar manager who oversees the operations of the cellar, manages inventory and coordinates day-to-day operations
  • Wine Researcher – a wine professional responsible for conducting field research studies to learn about the soil and vine preservation opportunities
  • Expert Winemaker/Enologist – a wine professional responsible for the actual making of wine and spirits; may have a strong background in physics and chemistry

Other possible career paths include:

  • Supervisory positions within the wine industry
  • Cellar hand
  • Vineyard worker
  • Laboratory technician
  • Start your own wine label
  • Winery Retail
  • Wine Event Consultant / Wine Business Consultant
  • Wine Columnist / Journal writing
  • Buyer Retail / Wholesale
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Resident Restaurant Expert
  • Prerequisite for Sommelier
  • Wine and Beverage Management
  • Wine Sales

Program Benefits

Credits earned from successfully completing this Wine Making I program can be applied for credit towards Niagara College’s full time wine and viticulture post secondary programming.

How to Register

Students do not apply to our part-time programs. Instead, enrol in and successfully complete each course listed in the Program Delivery section. Once you have successfully completed all of the required courses, you may apply to graduate. If you aren't sure how to enrol in a course, you can learn more here.

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Program Delivery

Code Course Name Delivery Course Availability
2018 Spring 2018 Fall

Required Courses:

OEVT1122 Sensory Evaluation of Wines I In Class No Yes
OEVT1324 Wine Chemistry and Lab Analysis In Class No TBA
OEVT1120 General Viticulture In Class No TBA
OEVT1126 Introduction to Wine Chemistry In Class No Yes
OEVT1121 Winemaking I In Class No Yes
OEVT1321 Winemaking II In Class No TBA
Elective Information

Choose one of the following:

Elective Options
Code Course Name Delivery Course Availibility
Course Availibility for 2018 Spring Course Availibility for 2018 Fall
OEVT1224 Wines of the New World In Class No TBA
OEVT1225 Winery Business Operation N/A No TBA
OEVT1322 Sensory Evaluation of Wines II In Class No Yes
OEVT1326 Winery Retail Sales In Class No TBA
OEVT1421 Wines of the Old World In Class No TBA
OEVT1422 Wine Marketing and Sales In Class No TBA
OEVT1423 Winery Management In Class No Yes
OEVT1127 Food and Wine Synergy N/A No TBA

Prerequisites may be required for these courses. Please refer to individual course descriptions for specific requirements.