Term one (2018 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
BIOL1170 Anatomy and Physiology I 3
CLIN1130 Nursing Practice I 4
COMM1160 Communication in Healthcare I 3
NURS1158 Professional Growth I 2
NURS1170 Nursing Theory I 3
PSYC1100 Introductory Psychology 3
PSYC1323 Developmental Psychology 3
Elective Information

Completion of additional General Education elective 1 course required

Term two (2019 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
BIOL1180 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
CLIN1230 Nursing Practice II 18
COMM1260 Communication in Healthcare II 3
HLTH1020 Introduction to Interprofessional Education and Practice 3
HLTH1145 Health Assessment 3
MATH1109 Mathematics for Practical Nursing 1
NURS1258 Professional Growth II 2
NURS1270 Nursing Theory II 3
Term three (2019 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
CLIN1330 Nursing Practice III 16
NURS1358 Professional Growth III 2
NURS1361 Pathophysiology I 4
NURS1385 Nursing Theory III 4
PHAR1180 Pharmacology I 2
Term four (2020 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
CLIN1430 Nursing Practice IV 19
NURS1420 Pathophysiology II 3
NURS1458 Professional Growth IV 2
NURS1495 Nursing Theory IV 3
PHAR1280 Pharmacology II 2
PRAC1730 Nursing Practice Consolidation 8