How to Repeat a Course

  • If the course that you need isn’t available via NICOLE (Niagara College Online Enrolment), you will need to complete a Change of Courses Form (download it here or pick it up from Enrolment Services) .
  • This form can be delivered to Enrolment Services at either the Welland or Niagara- on-the-Lake Campus once Part-time registration begins. Check the Dates Calendar for the correct date.
  • Some programs will require a signature from the Associate Dean to allow re-entry into the course. To expedite your request, it is best to find which class fits with your timetable prior to coming to the Enrolment Services.

Note: There will be an additional fee if your total number of course credits exceeds your program’s maximum allowed credits for the term.

To expedite your Change of Courses form, it is helpful to know which class fits with your timetable when filing out the form. To find out when courses are being offered, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the Course Guide.
  2. Verify that you are in the correct term, select your subject, then click Search.
    Select a term and subject
  3. Find the course you need to add, then click the “Times/Days” button. Prerequisite and Equivalent information is also available here.
    Course times and days
  4. Review what is available and what fits best with your timetable.  Enter the Course (ex. ELEC1126) and the class number (ex. 2900) on your Course Change Form.
    A sample of what a course listing would look like