Solution for Language Error in Internet Explorer

If you are receiving the error “Logon failed as the language you have selected is not available for this database” and are using Mozilla Firefox, then follow these instructions.

Before you start, it’s suggested that you update to the most recent version of Internet Explorer, or download a different browser – such as Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Click the cog/gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.
    IE - select tools
  2. Click “Internet Options” from the dropdown menu.
    IE - internet options
  3. Under “Appearance”, click the “Languages” button.
    IE - click languages
  4. Click “Add”.
    IE - add languages
  5. Select “English (United States) [en-US]” and click “OK”.
    IE - select English
  6. Remove any other languages by clicking to highlight them, and then clicking “Remove” OR click “Move Down” to make any secondary languages come after English as the preferred language. This may be done to preserve your native language for other websites.
  7. Click “OK”, and then click “OK” again to exit the menus.
  8. Restart Internet Explorer and attempt to log in to the portal again.