Student Capstone Projects

The 2015 Capstone Projects executed by the 2nd year New Media Web Design students addressed the needs of a variety of real world clients.

Projects were chosen taking into consideration the significant positive impact that they have in our community and the potential design and technical challenge for our students. The selection ranges from a health organization to a local business, from a cultural-heritage institution to a nature-conservation initiative.

Partnering with the students of the New Media Web Design program has certainly been a terrific experience. The students were very knowledgeable about web design and easily understood my web site requirements. They took my thoughts and developed them into an easy to use web site that will benefit so many people. The design of the web site surpassed what we had hoped for and I am happy to have had the experience of working with these gentlemen.

D. Armstrong, in reference to a retailer training web site students developed for Smoke Free Ontario, 2008