Niagara College PR students studying youth engagement

Students in Niagara College’s Public Relations (Graduate Certificate) program are trying to identify what motivates youth to become involved in their community.

As part of a marketing research project, the students are conducting a study on behalf of the Niagara College Student Administrative Council (NCSAC) and the United Way of South Niagara (UWSN). The research focuses on the engagement and motivation of community involvement in youth, specifically post-secondary students.

As part of their research project, each group of PR students is targeting different demographics within the student body such as first-year, returning, international, and post-graduate students, through a variety of methodologies including group administered, personal interviews, focus group and a web survey. The survey is now underway and runs until mid-November. The findings will be presented November 25.

“What we’re looking forward to most from this study is to garner a greater understanding of what motivates a student to give their time and money, and also identify any potential barriers,” said NCSAC President, Shane Malcolm.

“This is another example of providing our students with real-world experience in a way that benefits the community,” said Linda Warren Camus, marketing research instructor in the Public Relations program. “For the students, it’s an opportunity to create and implement a real-life research project, and for the United Way and NCSAC, it’s an opportunity to use data to better understand a key demographic.”

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