Avoiding slips, trips, and falls – watch your step!

The leading category of “lost time injuries” at NC (and most other workplaces) is slips, trips and falls. The majority of falls take place on the same level resulting from slips and trips, and a smaller percentage of falls are from a height. Please take the time to understand these hazards and how we can each work to prevent them.

How can you identify slips, trips and falls?

Slips are caused by wet or oily surfaces, s pills and weather hazards – when there is little friction or traction between your footwear and the surface you are walking on. Trips can result from your feet hitting an object causing your body to lose balance . Workers tend to trip in the workplace due to poor lighting, clutter, uneven flooring or carpeting , and uncovered cables.

Know how to prevent them!

  • Take your time , and wear appropriate footwear for weather and surface conditions.
  • Clean up or clearly mark all spills & wet areas immediately. For cleaning assistance please submit an FMS ticket online, or contact security.
  • Keep walkways free of clutter.
  • Always close filing cabinet or storage drawers.
  • Keep walkways and working areas well lit.
  • Report any hazards immediately if you are not able to resolve them yourself.

Working together for a safe and healthy workplace!