Student-made lip balm all the buzz for United Way initiative


The Commercial Beekeeping program has their own lip balm. All proceeds from the lip balm sale goes towards United Way.

It was buzzing and balmy at the NOTL greenhouse and students from the Commercial Beekeeping program were busy selling their very own beeswax lip balm.

The project was the initiative of Mylee Nordin, the program’s coordinator, who jumped on the opportunity to help contribute to the college’s United Way campaign.

Jordan Milinkovich, one of the students in the program, created the product. Since the beginning of the term, she’s been working on its development as part of her two semester co-op. She later volunteered her time to help produce several batches of the bee balm.

“We had the opportunity to do a co-op and learn some hands on experience,” said Milinkovich. “I helped develop different products throughout those two semesters; soap (containing honey and beeswax), candles, propolis tinctures, healing salves and the lip balm that was sold.”

The lip balm contains only three ingredients: beeswax from the NC apiaries, vitamin E and sweet almond oil.

“I thoroughly enjoyed creating these products,” she added. “I find it disconcerting to look at the labels on certain cosmetics and see over 20 different ingredients, so it was highly appealing to me to create a natural product with only three ingredients, all of which I could pronounce!”

The ncbees lip balm goes for $3 each or two for $5. All proceeds go towards the NC Cares in a United Way initiative.

Milinkovich believes that the beekeeping program will continue its product development in the future, citing the positive reception the lip balm has received within the college.

The lip balm is available for purchase (while limited supplies last) at the NC Greenhouse / Benchmarket.

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