Message from Pam Skinner: Investments to support operational and strategic goals


 Pam Skinner A message from Pam Skinner, Vice President, Corporate Services:

I am writing to provide an update on the strategic investments that Dan Patterson mentioned in his start-of-term message earlier this month.

As Dan explained, the larger-than-expected enrolment growth over the winter and spring terms, along with our college-wide efforts in finding savings and revenue opportunities, has created a modest surplus that has been targeted for investments that support our operational and strategic goals. These new initiatives are in addition to the recent significant investment in our large classrooms as a result of 50th anniversary funding from the provincial government.

In the spring, the College Management Team developed a list of potential initiatives, which were reviewed by the executive team over the summer. Through this review, the Executive Team identified four broad streams of initiatives to be fully scoped and prioritized. I am pleased to advise that this work has been completed and funds have now been allocated to specific initiatives over the next year.

The initiatives that have been chosen include capital and physical investments to improve accessibility, security and our students’ experience, including furniture to enhance student collaboration spaces; technology enhancements; and marketing and recruitment initiatives. Work towards some of these initiatives is already underway.

In determining the initiatives that would receive funding, we considered those that would best support our operational goals and the key directions contained in our 2017-2021 Strategic Plan. Further updates will be provided as initiatives are rolled out college-wide.

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