Message from Adam Dusome: Enrolment Services update


Due to renovations at the Welland Campus, Enrolment Services is temporarily located in L24. The former office location at the Welland Campus is pictured above.

Message from Adam Dusome, registrar:

As we head into a new academic year, we have a few important updates that we wanted to share, information that we hope helps staff and students.

Integrated Services Update

As many of you are aware, Enrolment Services is continuing to progress with integrating services – the consolidation of separate service counters to minimize student visits and touch points, the addition of scheduling and ID cards to our suite of services, and enhancing our online environment for students to access services 24-7.

In terms of physical changes, this is a reminder that we are still under renovation at the Welland Campus and are temporarily located in L24 (former CE space behind the bookstore). We are able to provide all services in the temporary space, but we recognize that this location was not intended for this purpose and it is tight to the bookstore as well as parking and printing services when student volumes pick up.

To avoid congestion during start up, we are making a couple of adjustments for students. ID card services have been temporarily located in the Learning Commons outside the entrance to the library. Financial Aid will be moving to Lundy Boardroom L201 from August 28 to September 15 (inclusive), for better appointment booking and dedicated waiting areas.

At the NOTL Campus, ID Card services will be available in a separate location, in the new SAC space within the Student Common, N002B. In addition to minimizing traffic at the main counter, we are also co-located with our SAC partners supporting UPASS. We appreciate the support of SAC and Steve Kosh as we pilot some new ideas in ID card production and distribution.

We will have signage posted regarding these changes, and staff/managers providing triage support during start up.

As a reminder, Enrolment Services will have extended hours from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Tuesday, September 5 to Thursday, Sept 7 at both Welland and NOTL campus operations


Staffing update

Claire Price – administrative assistant

We are very pleased to announce Claire Price is the successful candidate for the full-time administrative assistant position. Claire’s appointment comes after an extended period as our administrative assistant backfilling secondments, and we are truly excited to have her join our team in the permanent role. Claire will continue to coordinate appeals, support SEM activities and reporting requests, and oversee the administrative functions of the office. Congratulations Claire!


Kim McQuillan – business analyst

We are very pleased to welcome back Kim McQuillan to the Enrolment Services team. Kim previously held the enrolment and graduate advisor position before taking on a recruiter role with Marketing. After fulfilling a contract as business analyst with Enrolment Services, we are pleased to have her join the team on a permanent basis under the leadership of Thomas Good. Welcome back Kim!


Parental leaves, I/O positions, and part-time complements:

In addition to the full-time announcements above, it has once again been a very busy and dynamic year in Enrolment Services. We have many critical positions filled by key staff members in part-time or temporary assignments. While there are too many to list, I wanted to note the contributions of all our new teammates or staff taking on new challenges in new roles. Without their support we could not provide the top level service we do.



Part of our implementation also includes rebranding, and we wanted to highlight our transition as a division to Enrolment Services. The division name reflects the services we provide, all related to and supporting enrolment – departments or services such as admissions, registration, financial aid, student payments, records, online services, scheduling, and graduation to name a few.  Over the coming months, you will see previous references to former division titles (Office of the Registrar, Enrolment and Registration Services) begin to be replaced on the web, in publications, and in policy documents with Enrolment Services. Enrolment is the Canadian spelling; we will also be replacing references to the American spelling (enrollment) as we go. We know we will always be the ‘Reg Office’ to some folks (we’re always going help those clients too) and this transition will take some time, but we will begin the transition in earnest this fall.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as our team adjusts to all the changes described above, and as we head into what is expected to be one of the busiest fall starts yet in terms of student numbers.

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