William G. Davis Innovation Fund: Vote for NC finalists before July 31


(Jawad Umar Khan Khattak poses with submitted design)

The Amazing 50 William G. Davis Innovation fund competition is meant to inspire college students and alumni to get involved in creating something amazing.

This year, five separate ideas from five Niagara College students have been enrolled into the competition. Students Jawad Umar Khan Khattak, Kevin Unger, Paul Boyko, Mathias Alan Boles and Kari Oravkin are representing the Niagara College community in the competition with ideas ranging from educating the public on their health to reducing bigotry and biases within communities.

The Amazing 50 William G. Davis Innovation fund competition was established to honour former minister of education William G. Davis. Davis played a vital role in establishing Ontario’s college system and this fund is dedicated to supporting innovative ideas from visionaries, artists, humanitarians or entrepreneurs who are using their college education to back their unique concepts. This year 83 applications have been received from graduates and current students from Ontario’s 24 colleges.

“Niagara College’s Renewable Energies program gave me the inside knowledge and thought process to identify the key industries which can benefit using the latest UAV imaging technology for data collection and process improvements,” said Khattak.

Khattak, who has submitted his ‘A3S: Aerial Smart Survey Solutions’ idea, is no stranger to these competitions, having won ncTakeOff’s Pitch Perfect competition.

“The core goals of A3S (Aerial Smart Survey Solutions) [is] to provide experienced and efficient aerial inspection/surveys to customers from many different industries and become one of the leaders in safest and reliable aerial service in Canada.”

The students involved in the competition are now waiting for votes from the public; the preliminary round of the competition has been open since June 1 and will stay open until July 31. From there, the votes will be tallied and finalists for the next round will be announced August 15. To learn more and to vote for an NC student idea, visit amazing50.ca/innovationfund/?query=19
Additional NC Student Ideas-

Idea by: Paul Boyko
ASD Community – Autism Tool Kit
Goal- Update dated Autism Tool Kits for the digital era through programs for computers, cell phones, etc.- quantify how many users find that the tools beneficial.

Idea by: Kevin Unger
My St. Catharines
Goal- Showcase the city as an entirely inclusive community of all peoples through an online as well print campaign highlighting individuals from various communities and businesses (through photography and video).

Idea by: Mathias Alan Boles
Goal- The concept is to get people thinking about where they learned negative or derogatory terms for LGBTQ’s and unlearn it. To open up communication and to teach in all environments to reduce misguided hate and bigotry.

Idea by: Kari Oravkin
Biometric and diabetic screening assessments
Goal- to help people gain control of their future through education about their health, ultimately encouraging people to live a healthful lifestyle in a holistic manner.

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