Some assembly required- Niagara College builds at the 3rd annual Playhouse Build & Auction


It’s all fun and games when the building crew arrives; this spring Niagara College’s Renovation Technician program was on the scene of in the 3rd Annual Playhouse Build and Auction. Several NC students participated in the auction, the main purpose of which is to raise money for the Kristen French Child Advocacy Center Niagara (CACN).

The components for the playhouse were first prepared by students at Niagara College’s Welland campus. From there the ingredients for structure’s assembly were shipped out to the Pen Center, where the event was being held. After the crew and parts were on the scene, it was all a matter of assembling the playhouse and painting it. Students weren’t the only ones involved in the work; College professors of the program played a part in the playhouse construction.

The Kristen French CACN is a local child-focused charity which provides a trauma-informed and coordinated approach to the investigation, intervention, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases. The proceeds from Niagara College’s auctioned playhouse were donated to help fund their organizations’ continued efforts to prevent child abuse within the Niagara Region.

Go to for more information on how you can donate and protect local children.

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