Message from the Co-Chairs: Strategic Planning Update


Pam Skinnersteve hudson articleWe’re pleased to provide an update on the development of our next strategic plan. Over the past months we have developed a new future state for Niagara College. This development is thanks in large part to the feedback and input generated through our consultation process, which began last spring at Day of Reflection. Since then, we have continued to engage with internal and external stakeholders – most recently at the divisional meetings that took place in October.
The Future State document identifies how we envision Niagara College in the years ahead – as a leading college, offering students a wide range of programs that reflect and respond to key sectors of our region and beyond. In our programs, students will
be engaged in experiential education, and supported by digital technologies that are key to innovation and lifelong learning within our knowledge-based economy. We envision Niagara College as globally active, leveraging our expertise in educational programming and management.

In November we submitted our preliminary strategic plan for the next four years to the Board of Governors. The Board feels we are on the right track, and provided valuable feedback as we continue to work toward a final plan.

The draft Strategic plan reviewed by the Board includes three strategic directions, supported by a strong institutional foundation:

  • Cultural and global engagement, infusing cultural and global competencies within our academic programs, including support for the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, increasing diversity (age, gender, culture) in enrolments in more programs and expanding opportunities for intercultural study and travel;
  • A focus on experiential education, with an expanded range of experiences and applied learning offerings, more diverse opportunities for work-integrated learning, lifelong learning skills and  capitalizing on our unique learning environments and location;
  • Creative, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, fostering creativity, innovation skills and entrepreneurship, developing innovative offerings for our programs to meet the needs of diverse students, supporting the local and global success of business;
  • Collaboration and resourcefulness – our institutional foundation – with integrated and entrepreneurial thinking across our organization, innovation in our services and business processes, the efficient and strategic allocation of resources and development of new revenue sources.

Over the next month, the Strategic Planning steering committee and working group will continue to fine tune the plan based on feedback from the college community and the Board of Governors. A final plan will be submitted to the Board for approval in February, 2017. Once the plan is approved, operational plans will be developed in the spring of 2017.

We will share further updates as the process unfolds. For further information, visit the strategic plan website or email

Pamela Skinner, VP, Corporate Services
Steve Hudson, VP, Academic and Learner Services
Strategic Planning Co-Chairs

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