NC shines at Rendezvous 2015

Rendezvous 2015

Above, Jeff Stewart, associate dean of Hospitality and Tourism, joins students at the entrance to Table Rock House during Rendezvous 2015.

More than 100 students from NC’s School of Hospitality and Tourism had an up-close view of Canada’s tourism industry last week as part of Rendezvous Canada 2015.

The annual trade show, which took place in Niagara Falls, is known as Canada’s premier international tourism marketplace, and brings together more than 1,500 tourism professionals from around the world. The NC students were joined at the four-day event by associate dean Jeff Stewart and a group of faculty that included Brian Beccario, Vince Bourque, Bradley Tuckwell, Lodzia Zaremba, Lisa Maurice, Susan Paone and Sandra Maude.

“This was an outstanding hands-on learning opportunity for our students, who were able to make strong industry connections during the event,” said Stewart. “It was also an opportunity to highlight Niagara College as a highly visible and active partner in Niagara’s tourism sector.”

The students – from the Hospitality and Tourism (Graduate Certificate), Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant, and Esthetics programs, worked at the seven Fallsview-area hotels along with the Scotiabank Convention Centre, and took on a wide range of tasks, from event logistics, serving beverages and greeting guests to acting as bus captains and providing makeovers.

“Working at Rendez-vous Canada 2015 was an amazing experience. It was a fantastic networking opportunity for those involved in the hospitality and tourism industry as well as a great learning opportunity for students like myself,” said Lauren Charette, a student in the Hospitality and Tourism Management (Graduate Certificate) program. “It was incredible to see the amount of planning and organization that went into an event like this and I am extremely grateful to have been able to be apart of the process.”

“The experience was very eye-opening and provided an up-close look at the tourism business in action,” added Jennifer Lupsor, a first-year student in the Hospitality Management – Hotel and Restaurant program. “This is truly an experience that wouldn’t have been possible in the classroom environment.”

Prior to the event, students trained with Niagara Falls Tourism and MCC events at the Niagara Falls and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campuses.

Niagara Falls Tourism and the Canadian Tourism Commission have also established a $2,000 scholarship for Rendezvous Canada that will support a Niagara College student in 2015-2016.

“Rendezvous Canada gave me a great opportuni to welcome travel and hospitality industry experts from all over the world to Niagara Falls,” said Madhur Kaushal, a student in the Hospitality and Tourism Management (Graduate Certificate) program. “It was a great practical learning experience and a significant add-on to my resume.”

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