Engine donation revs up college partnership

ECC Engine DonationA recent donation of a Toyota engine, ignitions and anti-lock break models from Niagara College to Excelsior Community College (ECC) in Kingston, Jamaica, is being put to good use and already making a big difference in improving the quality of instruction at Excelsior’s Automotive Repairs and Engineering programs.

After touring NC in June, faculty and staff from ECC met with NC faculty and explored the labs of the skill trade programs in the Rankin Technology Centre. An immediate friendship was struck between ECC’s Winston Benjamin, head of School – Engineering, Logistics and Built Environment, and NC’s Wayne Toth, coordinator of the NC motive power programs.

“Winston and I really hit it off,” Toth said. “He was definitely on board with our automotive programs. We had a lot of conversations and he was very impressed with our facility. I could tell that he would value a partnership.”

With assistance from Kyla Pennie, international project specialist, and Natalie Dallaire, international partnership assistant, automotive equipment that was coming to the end of its usefulness at NC was shipped to ECC in an effort to enhance their curriculum.

“This contribution has served as a catalyst for more effective, task based training for the students enrolled in our Automotive Repairs and Engineering programs,” said Zaria Malcolm, vice principal, academic affairs & institutional advancement at ECC. “We wish to thank Niagara College for this donation and look forward to a sustained partnership.”

In the near future, Toth would like to assist ECC in the development of their automotive programs.

“I would love to work with car manufacturers in Jamaica and get some vehicles donated to bring their level of technology up. I see some really good opportunities with them in the future,” he said.

In partnership with the Marine Institute of Memorial University in Newfoundland (MI), NC is currently supporting the development of a Logistics Management program at Excelsior in an effort to help produce employment-ready college graduates in the Caribbean. This Education for Employment (EFE) partnership was made possible by College and Institutes Canada and is funded by the Department of Foreign Trade and Development.

“Our Education for Employment project with ECC has some great unexpected benefits for staff and students at both Colleges with this contribution of automotive equipment.  It provides additional international connections from different academic divisions and encourages our faculty and students to think and act in global context.”  Jon Ogryzlo, dean international partnerships.

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