Thank you to KPI Student Satisfaction Survey administrators


KPI Student Satisfaction Survey administrators at the Welland Campus are pictured above. 

Front row (from left): Misheck Mwaba, Kim McQuillan, Beth Moore, Maria Vandelaar, Caitlin Franck and Pamela Rocca.

Second row: Kathryn Beacham, Michelle Pugh, Nancy Avolio, Stephanie LaFratta, Christine Green, Jessica Smithson, Stephanie Stranges, Holly Maillet, Randee Griffin, Nicole Oud, Ali Koblinsky and Tim McLeod.

Third row: Nicole Henry, Cheryl Zavitz, Arungowry Asviny Arungunanayagam, Stephanie Henry, Jordan Henry, Jane Koetsier, Chris Carter, Marc Skarzinskas, Matt Ammendolia and Walter Greczko.

Absent from photo are Adel Esayed, Emily McInerney, Peter Vanscoy, Paul Dayboll, Tom Otto, Peter Vandenberg, Bill Boehlen, Michelle Carile and Hafsah Shaikh.

NOTL Campus survey administrators are pictured above including (from left) Sandy Herkimer, Christopher Psutka, Stacey Havran, Theresa Ratelle, Rhonda Kolbuc, Paul Willie, Michelle Silk, John McTavish, Kristine Katrynuk, Teri Canestraro, Marcie Newell, Rachel Crane and Monique Finley.

Pictured below, also from the NOTL Campus, are Paul Willie, Dawit Eshetu, Robert Greene, Nancy Bellantino and  Peggy Farquharson.

A message from Katerina Gonzalez, manager, Planning and Institutional Research (PaIR):

I would like to thank everyone involved with the successful administration of the Ontario College Student Satisfaction Survey this year.

The annual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Student Satisfaction and Engagement Survey, mandated by the government of Ontario, is conducted by Niagara College every year. It is one of five Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Ontario colleges, along with Graduate Satisfaction, Employer Satisfaction, Graduation Rate and Employment Rate.

Here at NC, the annual survey is an essential tool in the college’s continuous improvement process and administering the survey is truly a college-wide endeavour.

I extend my appreciation to faculty who accommodated the survey during valuable class time, and to the team of volunteers who administered the surveys. This year, we had 73 volunteers from various areas across the college administer the survey at all campuses. View the complete list of survey administrators below.

A special thank you goes out to the KPI Central Team – Maria Vandelaar, Sandy Herkimer and Kaitlynn Kerr – who have been working behind the scenes since December to help organize, schedule, coordinate and support survey administration.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Eileen Akershoek and Tina Racher in Enrolment Services for compiling the ministry-required program data files needed to generate KPI reports. The support of deans, chairs and program coordinators also played an integral role.

The survey results are very important to our college. They guide our efforts for continuous improvement and help support our goal of providing unparalleled student satisfaction. Previous surveys have consistently ranked Niagara College as a provincial leader in student satisfaction – number one overall for eight of the past 10 years and fourth overall last year.

The results also indicate opportunities for improvement. Feedback from previous KPI surveys have informed enhancements to facilities and services.

Watch for the announcement of this year’s results which is expected in mid-April.

2015 KPI Student Satisfaction Survey administrators

 Abbas Sumar

Adel Esayed

Alan Unwin

Ali Koblinsky

Amy Proulx

Arungowry Asviny Arungunanayagam 

Barrie Tober

Bethany Moore

Bill Boehlen

Bob Demers

Caitlin Franck

Carolyn Finlayson

Cheryl Zavitz

Chris Carter

Chris Psutka

Christine Green

Damian Goulbourne

David Berry

David Pastirik

Dawit Eshetu

Edward Gwaze

Emily McInerney

Gary Torraville

Hafsah Shaikh

Holly Catalfamo

Holly Maillet

Jane Koestsier

Janet Finlay

Jessica Smithson

Jill English

Johanna Cotte

John McTavish

Jordan Charron

Kathryn Beacham

Kim McQuillan

Kristine Katrynuk

Marc Skarzinskas

Marcie Newell

Maria Vandelaar

Matt Ammendolia

Matthew Burnip

Michelle Carile

Michelle Pugh

Michelle Silk

Michelle Stairs

Monique Finley

Nancy Avolio

Nancy Bellantino

Nicole Henry

Nicole Oud

Pamela Rocca

Paul Dayboll

Paul Willie

Peggy Farqharson

Peter Vandenberg

Peter Vanscoy

Rachel Crane

Randee Griffin

Rhonda Kolbuc

Rob Shepherd

Robert Greene

Ruth Bleijerveld

Sandy Herkimer

Shannon Collison

Stacey Havran

Stephanie Henry

Stephanie LaFratta

Stephanie Stranges

Teri Canestraro

Theresa Ratelle

Tim McLeod

Tom Otto

Walter Greczko




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