Message from Dan Patterson: KPI Student Satisfaction Survey is underway

Dan PattersonDear Colleagues,

The annual Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Student Satisfaction Survey period is now underway and will run until February 13. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation to faculty for again accommodating this important survey during valuable class time.

The KPI survey is an essential tool in our continuous improvement process. The results of this survey provide valuable feedback on our programs and services, and help us to identify areas where we are doing well, and areas where there may be opportunities for improvement. Important initiatives over the past year – from facility enhancements, extended hours and our continued move toward an integrated model for student services – are all examples of how we use the feedback gained from the KPI survey to find ways to enhance services we provide, while pursuing our strategic goal of unparalleled student experience.

Our consistently high rankings in student satisfaction – including number one overall for eight of the past ten years – is a reflection of the hard work of all staff and faculty, and the impact of each interaction we have with students. It’s also important to note that other KPI results consistently show that our graduates are getting jobs, and the employers who hire them are very satisfied with the knowledge and skills that they bring to the workplace.

I also want to thank Maria Vandelaar and Sandy Herkimer, along with their team of volunteers who will be administering the KPI surveys over the next two weeks. Your willingness to assist in this important task is very much appreciated. If you have any questions, please contact Katerina Gonzalez at ext. 7120.


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