NC’s energy manager tops in Ontario

Danielle Piluso

Above right: Danielle Piluso, left, receives the Energy Manager Excellence Award from Jeff Scott of EnWin Utilities, chair of the Energy Manager Steering Committee.

Danielle Piluso, Niagara College’s embedded energy manager, was recognized recently by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) with the Energy Manager Excellence Award for the greatest percentage of load saved among all embedded energy managers in Ontario.

Since joining Niagara College as the embedded energy manager in February 2013, Piluso has completed an energy consumption analysis and audits to identify areas for improvement. Working with Facilities Management Services, Piluso has instituted operational changes such as optimizing HVAC systems utilizing the building automation system and LED light replacements that have saved more than 2.3 million Kilowatt Hours per year – which amounts to an annual savings of $300,000.

“It is an honour to be recognized for my work and it is great to see a growing emphasis and support for energy conservation here at Niagara College and across the province,” said Piluso. “It is important to be aware of the impact that energy conservation has on the environment. Here at Niagara College we continue to build an understanding of how all of us can contribute —  even with something as simple as turning the lights off when leaving a room and shutting down your computer at the end of the day.”

Funded by a grant from the OPA, the two-year embedded energy manager position is designed to identify and implement measurable and verifiable electricity reductions, and to report regularly to Niagara College and the OPA via a third-party technical reviewer. The role comes with ambitious targets – including a 300 kilowatt demand reduction per year and a 10 percent per year reduction in kilowatt-hour electricity consumption.

“Niagara College is committed to meeting its sustainability targets, and having Danielle as our energy manager has helped us to come closer to achieving our targets,” said Teresa Quinlin, vice president, corporate services. “We’ve very proud of Danielle’s accomplishment.”

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