Outlook update

As a follow-up to the successful transition from Groupwise to Outlook, Information Technology Services (ITS) has provided updates on the following items:

Preferred name for Outlook

Please note that, unlike Groupwise, Outlook draws its information from the College’s PeopleSoft database, and therefore uses the legal name that is on file for you. Should you prefer Outlook to use a version of your name that is different from what is stored on the PeopleSoft database, an option has been made available via Blackboard. To add a preferred name for College email and other communications, select My Apps  > PeopleSoft Human Resources/Payroll > Main Menu > NC Employee Self Service > Employee Self Service. Click the “Preferred Name” link to add a name.

Please note, the preferred name change takes effect the following day and you may need to manually update the address book to see the change.

Updating the Global Address List

In Outlook, the Address Book, Global Address List is cached locally on your computer and updates periodically. To manually update the address book so changes are reflected immediately, select Send / Receive. Send/Receive Groups, Download Address Book, uncheck the box to download the full address book and click OK.

Groupwise archives now available

If you copied your Groupwise email archive prior to May 6, it is now available in your Outlook account. When you navigate to  mail, the archive is listed on the left-hand side folder pane, in  “Online Archive.” If this does not appear, or if the archive is empty, please contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance at ext. 7642.

Profile photos

Among the new capabilities within Outlook is a feature that allows you to add a profile picture that appears beside your name in the address field of email messages. If you choose to use this function, photos must be appropriate for College email; the photo of yourself (i.e. a head-and-shoulders shot) should project a recent and professional image.

If you have any questions regarding these items, or require any assistance with Outlook/College email, please contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 7642.

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