Message from Dan Patterson: NC introduces whistleblower practice

Dan PattersonAchieving operational excellence is a key priority for Niagara College, and one of the three main pillars of our 2013-2016 strategic plan. An important part of achieving operational excellence is maintaining an environment where members of our college community work ethically, lawfully and respectfully in pursuit of College goals.

Niagara College faculty, staff and students have a right to raise concerns or file complaints in good faith, and without fear of reprisal. Practices are in place to address a wide range of individual concerns, complaints and issues.  In addition, we have introduced a “Whistleblower” practice that will provide protection to any member of the College community – including staff, faculty, students, visitors and contractors — who, in good faith, makes a complaint or disclosure, or raises a concern that a member or members of the College community are engaged in serious misconduct, wrongdoing or illegal activities that falls outside of our existing confidential internal policies.

Please note that the whistleblower practice does not take the place of any current practice, policy or mechanism in place to deal with individual concerns, appeals, complaints, grievances, academic appeals, student or employee conduct, harassment or health and safety.

Instead, the whistleblower practice is reserved for concerns related to a member of the College community engaged in:

  • a criminal offense;
  • negligent, improper or gross mismanagement of any College or public funds;
  • a serious, willful and flagrant breach of federal, provincial or municipal statute or college policy, procedure or regulation;  or
  • substantial and specific danger to the environment or public health and safety.

Any concerns put forward via the Whistleblower practice can be filed with either me, or the chair of the Niagara College Board of Governors. It is our commitment that we will take action or institute measures required to investigate and, if necessary, address any issues brought forward.

The full practice is available online. If you have questions regarding the practice, please contact Rob Walters, Senior Advisor to the President, via email or at ext. 4001.

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