Message from Dan Patterson: Organizational Announcement

In a previous announcement, I shared with you that NC was the successful bidder in an international competition to operate a campus in Taif, Saudi Arabia focused on hospitality and tourism, culinary, business, and environmental programs in addition to English language training. To support the implementation and launch of our Taif, Saudi Arabia campus for September 2014, a number of critical activities are underway including:

·         Faculty and staff recruitment for the Taif campus;

·         Student marketing, recruitment, and enrolment activities;

·         Procurement of all necessary equipment and furniture for the Taif campus;

·         Customization of academic programs and curriculum to meet Saudi delivery models;

·         and the provision of support providers to ensure facilities and operations management including IT and security services.


To ensure NC can effectively meet this challenge, a number of temporary changes are being initiated to support the successful launch of the Taif campus:


·         Sean Kennedy, Vice President, Student & External Relations will be seconded full-time to international activities, including responsibility for leading the Taif Campus Establishment Team.

o   Rick Anderson, Director of Student Services, will assume the role of Acting Vice President, responsible for student affairs;

o   Brigitte Chiki will assume the role of Acting Director, Student Services;

o   Sean’s responsibilities related to the Foundation, fundraising, and community relations will be overseen by the President’s Office.


·         Dave Taylor, Dean of Academic & Liberal Studies will be seconded full-time as the academic leader for the Taif campus, responsible for all program and curriculum development.

o   Fiona Allan, Director of Workforce and Business Development, will assume the responsibilities of Dean, Academic & Liberal Studies in addition to her current responsibilities for Part-Time Studies and Academic Upgrading;

o   Kristine Dawson, Manager of Co-op & Graduate Employment Services, will assume an Acting Senior Manager role with responsibility for Employment Services in addition to her current role, and will report to the VP Academic.


·         David Atherton, Associate Dean of English as a Second Language programs, will be seconded full-time to develop the Foundation Year Program and the recruitment of faculty for English language training at the Taif campus.

o   Carolyn Ambrose, Professor of English as a Second Language programs, will assume the role of Acting Associate Dean, English as a Second Language Programs.


·         Abbas Sumar, Manager of International Recruitment & Enrolment Services, will be seconded full-time to the role of Taif Campus Implementation Project Manager, responsible for logistics and coordination related to the campus start-up.

o   Jos Nolle, Chair of International Development, will oversee the recruitment aspects of Abbas’ current portfolio;

o   Howard Slaney, Manager of International Student Services, will oversee the admissions aspects of Abbas’ current portfolio.

The above secondments are effective immediately and are expected to conclude in mid-October 2014 upon the campus’ successful launch and the first intake of Foundation Year Program students in Taif.

The Taif campus is an exciting opportunity for Niagara College, and I look forward to celebrating the opening of the campus in September 2014.

If you have any questions about the Taif Campus project, please contact Sean Kennedy, Vice-President, Student & External Relations.

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