Message from Dan Patterson: Day of Reflection

Dan PattersonHello everyone,

Tomorrow we will mark the end of the Winter term with our annual Day of Reflection event.  As a part of this year’s Day of Reflection, we will be reviewing the results of our fourth Employee Climate Survey.   The event will include a presentation and analysis of the results of this year’s Employee Climate Survey with John Yardley, PhD, president of survey administrator Metrics@Work, followed by  interactive discussions. The Employee Climate Survey, which took place in February-March of this year, measures important elements in our workplace, and the results are an important catalyst for positive change.  Following John’s presentation and analysis, we will use an open space meeting strategy to collectively build opportunities and create viable solutions to questions or issues that are seen as challenging.

Although few colleges engage in this type of third-party survey, we believe it is important to collect your feedback about issues that are important to the quality of work life at Niagara College, and to benchmark our progress in comparison with other organizations and previous survey results. Our results, and how we treat them, are not unlike our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results: they provide positive results that are worthy of celebration, and identify areas where we can do better, with a view toward making NC an even better place to learn and work.

With a 71.9% participation rate, we have received very rich and useful feedback.  The results show that NC continues to be an employer of choice and scores higher than the database average for the postsecondary education sector on 17 out of 19 comparable indicators. Importantly, 86.2% of employees are proud to work at Niagara College, 87.9% of employees feel they contribute to student success and 86.7% feel they contribute to the overall success of the College.

These are just a few of the results of the Employee Climate Survey and we will be doing more detailed review and discussion at Day of Reflection on Thursday, April 24.  I encourage you to attend Day of Reflection to be a part of this important discussion and our drive for continuous improvement.

Going forward, detailed results will be distributed to the Deans and Directors to allow review and dialogue at the division and departmental level.  We will continue to work on improvement with focused strategies where the results signal areas of concern and by what you, as employees, have indicated is important to you. We will also celebrate and learn from areas that have strong results or have showed significant improvement.

Niagara College has experienced many years of growth and success and we want to continue to build on areas of strength.  At the same time, we recognize that reflection and improvement is key to ensuring continued success and the satisfaction of our students. These survey results allow us to focus on areas where we can clearly do better and improve.  The work we do at Niagara College is important as we provide contributions to our community and help people achieve their dreams.  Thank you for your part in this important work and your participation in the Employee Climate Survey.  I look forward to seeing all of you at Day of Reflection.



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