Wellness Committee thanks Wellness Day participants

A message from NC’s Wellness Watch Committee:

Congratulations  to everyone who gave themselves permission to take the time to think of their personal wellness on April 7. We had an impressive turn out at the NOTL Campus Wellness Day;  the energy in the room was uplifting. We hope that those who attended took something away from the event that will foster a personal wellness journey. Keep up the good work!

A big congratulations to the winners of the NOTL draws:

Triple Treat Spa Package-  Janet Misener
Fitbit Flex-  Amy Petersen
Bottle of Wine- Jenn Good
Bottle of Wine- Liz Dempster
Backpack of Wellness- Shirley Gilmour
$25 GC to the WVEC- Meagan Schrader
Shirt- Natasha Davis
“Cooking with Heart” Cookbook- Natasha Davis
“Health – the Basics”  Book- Trina Washington and Christine Raymond
Fresh & Easy Meals- Vicky Poulakakis
Mixed Puzzles- Cynthia Kamin

On behalf of the Wellness Watch Committee, I wish you a life of wellness,
-Laura Fakla, chair, Wellness Day sub committee

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