Niagara Sustainability Initiative Shares Recent Articles

Graduates of the Environmental Management and Assessment program at Niagara College, and active volunteers with Niagara Sustainability Initiative are writing articles in conjunction with Bullet News, a local media source. Here’s a list of their articles over the past few months: 

NSI Revisits the 3 R’s – By Jen Hart 

NSI: Avoiding Waste in Product Design – By Gina Pannunzio 

NSI: Tips for a Healthy Composter – By Gina Pannunzio 

Go Green With Lighting to Reduce Energy Costs – By Jen Hart 

NSI: Be Energy Free, if Only for an Hour – By Gina Pannunzio 

NSI: Go Green with Spring Cleaning – By Jen Hart 

Stay tuned for more articles from Jen and Gina! 

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