Journalism Students Cover Sustainability News All Year

Niagara College students studying in the Journalism program have been actively covering environmental and sustainability related news on and off campus during the 2013 and 2014 year. All of the articles from all Journalism students can be found on the Niagara News site. Sustainability at Niagara College has been fortunate enough to be a muse for the students and would like to share the fruits of their labour! Here is a collection of all the news stories of the year! We would like to thank all of the students for their tremendous efforts! 

You can Grow Almost Anything – by Cathy McCabe

Little Changes Make a Big Difference – by Cathy McCabe

Greenhouse Project Yields Sunny Results – by Cathy McCabe

Flower Power for Valentine’s Day by Cathy McCabe

It’s Our Land – a Niagara College Documentary –  by Brittany Erwin

Pesticides Poisoning our Future – by Cathy McCabe

Peel River Irreversibly Compromised – by Liane Abbey

Going Green and Reducing Waste – by Cathy McCabe

The Mighty, Icy Niagara Falls – by Michelle Allenburg

Some Knowledge about Being Vegetarian – by Cathy McCabe

Polar Vortex Creates Unusual Temperatures – by Brittany Erwin

Environmental Committees Plan Many Projects and Events for Students – by Cathy McCabe

Vegetarian Challenge for Niagara College Students – by Cathy McCabe

Niagara’s Eco-Fest a Huge Hit – Meaghan Mitchell

Don’t waste your second chance – Renat Absalyamov

Sustainability and renewability are local vineyard’s mission – Alexandra Montana

Friends, family rally for Arctic 30 – Meaghan Mitchell

Students Learn to Live Locally – Alexandra Montana

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