Computers at Welland Campus affected by malware

Niagara College has determined that a small number of computers at the Welland Campus have been affected by malware.

An individual installed software on a small number of computers in the following four computer labs at the Welland Campus:

  • Merritt 201 and 212;
  • Lundy 2
  • Voyageur 11A

The software recorded the keyboard strokes of computer users. Our investigation is ongoing, but we believe the period over which individuals using the labs were exposed to the malware spans from September, 2013 to mid-March, 2014. Any strokes entered onto an affected computer in the labs were likely captured.

The College has identified the affected computers and removed the malware. It has also taken preliminary steps to secure its computers from similar attacks. The Niagara Regional Police Service has arrested an individual in connection with this matter, and is continuing its investigation.

Students and staff with classes in these labs have been contacted directly, and provided with steps to take to determine whether any personal data has been misused, and to prevent any misuse of personal information. If you have used a computer in one of these labs, have not been contacted and are concerned, please contact Hafsah Shaikh in Student Services at ext. 7138.

Ensuring the privacy and security of computer and information systems at Niagara College is a key priority. We will provide further updates to our community as it becomes available.

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