Students Promote Water and Energy Awareness

Last week, Niagara College Sustainability Ambassadors hosted a booth at the NOTL and Welland Campuses to tackle some of the issues about water and energy. With Earth Hour just around the corner, the students thought it was a nice fit to engage the campus on how they can make reductions in their everyday lives.

Did you know, only 2.5 percent of the world’s water is freshwater? We have to do our best to conserve the amount of water available and the quality of this amazing resource!

The College has quite a few water projects to support sustainable water use. Also, as a response to the United Nation’s Resolution 64/292 – access to clean drinking water is a human right, Niagara College banned the sale of bottled water on campus. The initiative initially stemmed from staff recommendations during Day of Reflection and was approved by the Executive Team in July, 2012. The Sustainability Committee supports this everyone has the right – not the privilege – to clean drinking water, and it should not be sold as a commodity. 

Not only does Niagara College focus on water, energy is also an important issue! Climate change is the biggest environmental threat to Earth. Some of these effects are already taking place in Canada. When we burn fossil fuels to make energy, it releases greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, causing climate change. We need to turn this around, and use less energy. It’s extremely important to be more efficient with what we use, and switch to more renewable resources.

Niagara College has quite a few energy projects including renewable energy and conservation initiatives.

Both water and energy are recognized as sustainability targets, help us reach our goal! Niagara College has committed to reducing water by 5% and energy by 10% by 2016. 

Thank you to Alexandra, Ellie, Sunny and Elizabeth for volunteering! Students like you will help make Niagara College more sustainable! 

Niagara College would also like to thank TD Friends of the Environment Foundation for their generous donation and support for student engagement on campus!

Student Volunteers 

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