Dan Patterson appointed to economic development advisory panel

NC President Dan Patterson is among 15 community and business leaders who have been appointed to the Niagara Region’s new Economic Development Advisory Panel.

The new panel includes representatives from Niagara’s business owners, industry, workforce, education, and real estate organizations, economic development and incubation experts, trade unions and both Regional and local area municipal councils. The group will work with Regional Council and Niagara Economic Development (NED), providing local perspective, guidance and strategic advice in the operation of Niagara Region’s new economic development function.

“It’s exciting to see business, political and community leaders from across Niagara come together in this cooperative approach to economic development,” said Regional Chair Gary Burroughs. “I’m confident the panel will make a meaningful contribution to the long-term direction of economic development at the Region to help create the foundation for jobs and prosperity here in Niagara.”

The media release is no longer available from the Niagara Region.

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