Important Notice: Phone Upgrades

ITS will be installing a new consolidated phone system beginning Saturday, Feb. 23 at 7 a.m. While this upgrade is occurring, there will be no phone service into or out of the College and 911 calls will need to be placed via cell phone. We will publish the cell phone numbers of security later this week. It is expected that basic phone service will be restored at the NOTL and Welland campuses before noon on Saturday but the MMC and 1 St. Paul St. sites will not be back in service until later in the day on Sunday, Feb. 24.

On Sunday, Feb. 24 starting at 9am, ITS will be upgrading many of the office phones with new VoIP phones. This is to implement Caller ID for all staff and to implement phase II of the security phone system which will allow for emergency messaging into all office and meeting room areas (same as the classrooms). Approximately, 200 phones will be replaced during that day, so please be advised that ITS staff may be in your office on this Sunday if your phone has been identified for an upgrade.

ITS will also need to upgrade many of the network switches to accommodate the new VoIP phones. Much of this work will occur either Friday, Feb. 22 or on Saturday, Feb. 23 while the phone system is being upgraded. Some interruption to service may occur but the outages should not be long in duration. No issues with Internet, Blackboard or Email should occur to users off campus.

ITS will be working with our phone vendor to get the new paging system installed over the 7-1-7 break week (Feb. 25-Mar. 1). During this time only the hallway paging alert system will be working. The classroom phones will still be able to call 911 and make local calls, but the paging capabilities will not work until the phase II configuration is implemented. Some testing of the paging system will be occurring during the break week but ITS will keep this to a minimum during the day. It is expected that all the classroom and office paging systems will be functioning Monday, March 4.

New features of the system will include: no extension change if your office is moved between campuses, phase II security paging system, Caller ID for all users and no restriction on forwarding phones across campuses. In the future ITS will be implementing a system that allows you to have your voice mail sent to your email account in either text or sound, College extensions on mobile phones or computers and integration with the new video/audio conferencing system.

If you do not need to be in your office on the Feb 23-24 weekend, ITS is recommending that you do not come in until Monday. If you do need to come onto campus, please ensure you have a cell phone with you or that you check in with Security when you arrive and leave. We will post an announcement when service(s) are restored.

If there are any questions please contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 7642.

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