Sustainability Update: What a waste

new garbage binsNC’s waste diversion efforts got a big boost this week as new waste bins were installed at both campuses.

The new bins – set up in high-traffic areas – allow for the separation of paper, compost, cans/plastic/glass (co-mingled) and waste. The bin sets are colour-coded and include posters to help identify the proper receptacle for different types of trash.

Forty-seven of the bin sets have been installed, including 20 at Niagara-on-the-Lake and 27 at Welland.

When using the bins, keep the following guidelines in mind:


YES: Most types of paper, including glossy (magazines).

NO: Paper cups, soiled paper


YES: Food waste, including coffee grinds, filters and tea bags; Tim Horton’s cups and other paper cups, paper towels

NO: Cup lids

Cans/Plastic/Glass (co-mingled)

YES: Anything with a Recycle 1-7 rating, tetra packs and drink boxes, coffee cup lids, polystyrene containers and cups


YES: Rubber gloves, food wrappers, waxed paper

The bins are expected to help NC increase its waste diversion rate. Although NC reached its 65 % diversion-rate target last year, NC’s sustainability coordinator Taryn Wilkinson says there’s still work to do.

“There’s still lots of room for improvement in terms of diverting our waste from landfills,” she said. “If we all take a few extra seconds to ensure our waste goes in the right bin, we’ll make a big difference.”

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