Ogryzlo to take on new role at NC

A message from College president Dan Patterson:

After successfully leading Niagara College’s Canadian Food and Wine Institute (CFWI) for the past four years, I am pleased to announce that Jon Ogryzlo has agreed to assume the role of dean, International Partnerships. He will commence his new responsibilities effective May 1, 2013.

Jon’s new mandate will be to work closely with Sean Coote, director, International, to develop new contract training initiatives for Niagara College around the globe and to expand international “Be World Ready” partnership opportunities for our students, faculty and academic programs. Jon’s knowledge and entrepreneurial approach will complement the existing skills of our International Department staff, who currently serve more than 1,700 students. Jon has worked on several international projects for Niagara College including creating partnerships with Beer and Wine Institutes in Germany, establishing an environmental centre in Thailand and assisting in the development of environmental programs at colleges in Jordan, India and Sri Lanka.

Jon has a long list of accomplishments as dean of the CFWI, as well as in his previous work throughout NC. Most recently, Jon and his team have been responsible for opening the Wine Visitor and Education Centre, launching Canada’s first Teaching Brewery, introducing food science and innovation to NC, celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Teaching Winery, and developing a national vision for the CFWI.

Over the coming months, we will undertake a search for the new dean of the CFWI and Jon will assist the new dean during the transition period.

I wish to thank Jon for his work in leading the Canadian Food and Wine Institute, and his commitment to assist the International Department in achieving their goals and objectives in support of our Strategic Plan.

I know that Jon is looking forward to working with all divisions in this new position. Please join me in congratulating him on his new role as dean, International Partnerships.

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