Three NC students make the cut for CBC internships

Pictured above: Third year BRTF student Josh Guerette is looking forward to beginning an intensive six-week intership at the CBC in February.

Three third-year students from Niagara College’s Broadcasting: Radio, Television and Film TV Production program have been accepted for internships at the CBC.

Josh Guerette, Max Coleman and Stuart MacLean were not only among a group of 20 post-secondary students from across Ontario who were granted interviews from a field of applicants (all Niagara College students who applied were selected for interviews); they all scorerd in the top four among those interviewed – including students from Ryerson and Western’s four-year programs.

To be eligible for the internship, students had to be equipped with very strong technical and digital media skills.

“Our students have competed very successfully with all Southern Ontario colleges and universities that offer broadcasting programs in order to obtain a placement in this unique six-week formal internship program offered by the CBC,” said Bill Boehlen, BRTF professor. “This shows that our students are very well prepared and ready for the next step in their careers in the media production and broadcasting industry. Our students have been hired by the CBC as a direct result of the placement program.”

The CBC Television Technical and Production Internship program is designed for final-year students in Television Production programs. Through its internship program, the CBC provides selected interns the opportunity to gain hands-on experience, and observe its experienced employees at their work. They will be positioned in various departments at the CBC and will spend time in studios, editing and with field crews.    

Josh Guerette recalls the great feeling he had when he was notified about his acceptance the CBC’s internship program, because he knew there were many students vying for only 10 placements. 

“It was a great feeling to know that I made an impression and that they thought enough of me to offer to let me be a part of it,” he said. “I called my parents right after I found out and they were super thrilled for me too.”

Guerette is excited about beginning his six-week placement on Feb. 19, which he considers an honour.

“I mean, it’s the CBC, the national broadcaster in Canada. I’ll get to learn alongside some of the best people in the industry and hopefully get to be a part of the team that creates what millions of Canadians will see when they turn on their televisions,” he said. “It’s also a big step for my professional career. Not many people can say they started out in television at the CBC and that might lead to opportunities for me down the road.”

Max Coleman began his internship on Jan. 8 and it continues until Feb. 15.

“Obtaining an internship at the CBC is very important to me, because it allows me to obtain a great insight into how a professional broadcasting company works,” he said. “As the main CBC building is in Toronto, this gives me great opportunities during my time there and informs me of the many different positions in TV production and what route to take.”

Coleman hopes to be a technical producer on remotes and mobile productions and the CBC is giving him the opportunity to work as part of the mobile crew to cover the Liberal Leadership Convention in Toronto – an opportunity he looks forward to.

“The knowledge I received from Niagara College has been very helpful this far, as well as the attitude encouraged in the program,” he said. “I look forward to continuing this internship and hope to obtain employment there in the near future.”

Coleman, Guerette and MacLean will graduate from their program in June 2013.


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