A retiree’s rhyme

Dubbed “The Official Niagara College Retiree’s Lament” — a title suggested by banquet emcee Barry Sharpe — retiree Debbie DelGiacco’s poem was a highlight of the night at November’s NC Retirement Banquet at Amici’s in Thorold. DelGiacco has  shared the poem with InsideNC — enjoy!

The Official Niagara College Retiree’s Lament

Well, look at us fellow retirees; we are living our lives full of nothing but ease!

And here we are at Amici’s, being honoured and adored; and indulged with a meal we can no longer afford!

Well, never mind that our incomes are now less than half;  Tho’ poor,  we’re the ones who can have the last laugh!

We can sleep in, nap, snooze to our fill; And do it all several times in a day as we will.

And sleeping and napping and doing nothing all day; costs nary a cent, we don’t have any way!

Oh, I know, it isn’t always doing naught with your days; it’s rearranging your time in far more different ways.

Work no longer takes up all the time as before; but we have many more priorities that have come to the fore.

As we tell those who ask us with that oft heard line:  “What are you doing with all your spare time”?

“Spare time?” we reply, “what is that?” We don’t know; Cuz each day we are always, it seems, on the go.

For some of us our parents now need help and attention; they are aging or frail, some are ill not to mention.

So full are our days with their personal care; any spare time we get is actually quite rare.

For some of us it’s our children, yes, we know that they’re grown; but still need our support, to get by on their own!

So, full are our days helping them get ahead; we hope they’re self -sufficient before we are dead! . . . . . .

   Oh, did I mention . . . . . we hope they’re self-sufficient before we are dead!!

Some of us are dealing with trials of our own; so varied there could be so much to bemoan.

Social, spiritual or physical, emotional or financial – there are many ways that we can find both our hands full!

So we may be spending our time with self-caring; getting support, help or treatment ‘til better we’re faring.

Being retired, now at home much more time we will share; with a partner not accustomed to having us there!

Our relationship’s strong,  and thus far it does thrive . . . . .  but 24/7/ and 365?

Our roles may now change, who will do what and when; and we’ll have to learn  how to be together again!

We may need to bargain, negotiate & push through; without all of the help we once had from OPSEU!

We might be those who have money and resources to spare; and people with whom to do anything, anywhere.

If so, we spend money and time on so much; Such as cruises, vacations, reunions and such!

Or closer to home our focus might be: Gardening or golfing or watching tv.

Or painting or singing or writing or reading; scrap-booking or cooking or, perhaps, basket-weaving.

For some our pursuit has become life-long learning; so we’ve gone on to school to fulfill this yearning;

Now we are the student – and good ones besides; we know what it’s like to be on the other side.

For some of us, passion lost, may have lead us to leave; as we search for more meaning, in ourselves to believe.

So we may spend time seeking, (or have found) different ways; to work (paid or not), to add joy to our days.

Yet for some the job search is much more than that, honey;  cuz we didn’t know how much we needed money!!

So some day you might see us, and might hear us say:  “Welcome to WalMart” and “Have a nice day.”

Retired or working, we’ll still pay our taxes; and pray every Friday we’ll win Lotto Max’s!

For most it’s a mix of the preceding things; that takes up the time that retirement brings.

Just like it brings for you still-working stiffs; but you have to cram work into all of the mix!!

We wish those of you working will sometime soon find, your time to retire to enjoy peace of mind!

And for us who’re retired, here’s hoping life brings; a balance to our days, and many good things.

And lest in our gratitude we be remiss, we all toast the college for giving us this: 

A time to enjoy and to celebrate; and our jobs – which have led to this party so great!

Thanks to Dr. Dan and to all your VPs; there’s no better place that we’d rather be;

Than here to express, and to acknowledge, our love and our gratitude to Niagara College!

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