Event Management – there’s an app for that

Pictured above: A screen shot of the Event Mgmt app on an iPhone.

Event Management Students at Niagara College unveiled their first version of the Event Mgmt App for iPhones, iPads and Android users for the 2013 Event Season.

The app, created in partnership with FaveQuest, gets the relevant information to promote and manage complex student projects real time in the hands of mobile technology users.

At Niagara College, Event Management students plan, organize and execute a series of live events during the academic year. The Many Hands Project is a student-driven renovation program executed by students in the Event Management and the Construction Studies programs at Niagara College. Each year, a local non-profit organization is chosen by the Many Hands Committee to receive assistance. Together, the students plan and execute the entire process including; completing the desired renovations, involving the community through volunteer recruitment and raising awareness for the non-profit organization. To help offset these costs, there are many local fundraisers organized by the students. Each year these unique fundraising events directly support the Many Hands Project.

The free app includes event way-finding maps, directions and GPS integration with event site information such as parking, online ticketing, Full events listing, key dates, integration with social media for videos and photos sharing and the EventCam(tm) to enhance participant engagement souvenir pictures and the ability to post them to Facebook and Twitter real time.

“As the event industry evolves and the level of technology required to drive successful businesses accelerates. It is imperative that our programs push these advances into our teaching and learning,” said Jeff Stewart, chair of Hospitality Tourism and Administration. “The best event managers have known for years about the importance of communication and information flow real time for performance. This app helps our students and faculty do just that.”

Stewart said he believes this app is the first student-driven event management app in Canada.

Pictured above: Click on the 2013 events icon on the Event Mgmt app, and you will get information about five upcoming fundraisers to support the Many Hands project.

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