Sustainability Update: Another challenge met

Heidi Lambrechts

Dental technician Heidi Lambrechts found that persuading students and staff to take NC’s sustainability pledge wasn’t exactly like pulling teeth … in fact she was able to exceed her goal of 500 new pledges by 24.
“The (dental) students were amazing – I think they all signed it,” she said.

Lambrechts’s pledge drive was the November sustainability challenge, and her success earns her a prestigious “green jersey.”

With December being a short month at NC, there won’t be a formal Sustainability Challenge, although sustainability coordinator Taryn Wilkinson is challenging the college community to share their ideas for future challenges, and volunteer to do their part.

“The sustainability challenge has been a great success in terms of raising the profile of our environmental initiatives and moving us closer to our sustainability goals,” said Wilkinson. “I know there’s a lot of great ideas out there, and I encourage people to share them with us.”

If you have an idea for a sustainability challenge, or would like to be challenged, drop a line to the sustainability committee. Watch for the next challenge in January.

How it works

Upon completing your challenge, you will have the opportunity to select an individual or group you would like to challenge. You may challenge any Niagara College employee(s) who has not completed a challenge previously or does not currently sit on the Sustainability Committee.

The person who just completed their challenge and is challenging another employee(s) will get to select the challenge they want this person to complete.

The scope of your challenge can vary, keeping with the theme of sustainability and its three pillars: environmental, economic and social. You can also keep with the theme of our five target areas: electricity, carbon emissions, water, waste and paper consumption.

The challenge you wish to issue must be approved by the chair of the Sustainability Committee and the sustainability coordinator to ensure it aligns with the College’s sustainability goals.

You may also go above and beyond your challenge! If you are challenged to not use the lights in your office for two weeks, do three weeks instead. We will be highlighting all challenges and achievements on our sustainability website.

Challenges will be issued on the first of the month and you will have the duration of the month to complete your challenge.

Upon completing your challenge you will receive a NC Sustainability Challenge jersey. You will also have the opportunity to autograph a NC Sustainability Challenge jersey that will be on display.

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